Vw wants to install its own 5g network

The Volkswagen Group wants to install its own 5G networks in his works. "We strive for the preservation of private 5G radio licenses for industrial use," said the state VW spokesman Jonas Kullawik dpa. The new technology should be gradually implemented for the VW brand. "That’s why we first want to establish a pilot operation, learn from them and then roll out local 5G networks in the factories."The locations for pilot operation are not yet fixed, but Wolfsburg and Zwickau are considered favorites.

Although cooperation with commercial network operators is not excluded at a later date, Volkswagen strives for their own construction for their own locations. The Group wants to make its production so more flexible and more efficient. This applies approximately to the networking of around 5,000 robots in the Wolfsburg Volkswagen plant, but also other machines and equipment. Since the software component increases significantly in the vehicles, the transmission of coarse amounts of data in the vehicles is also upgraded. The 5G technology offers a kind of "software refueling" to a flexible date of production.

At Audi, in Ingolstadt, pre-tests are already running with an already installed radio cell – what is missing are still 5G-knowledge chips. Also Porsche is aimed at the beginning of 2020 to take first functional infrastructures in the testing company. Currently the auction of 5G frequencies.

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