Vw up: proburunden in the new small car

Vw up: proburunden in the new small car

Rome (Italy), 12. October 2011 – For the market launch of the VW Up, the offer has fallen over. The Wolfsburgs offer their 2. December on obtained, 3.54 meters short cars first attracted only with three things and three cylinders. The petrol engine with 1.0 liters displacement is in power levels of 60 and 75 hp conservation. We tried the stronger version.

Processing on pre-series level

Processing leave in our pre-series car here and there still to wish all, for example at the transition between tower cladding and lacquered sheet metal, which is almost as much as possible in the upside as in the blessed cafer. But otherwise the interior is quite chic at least with our well-equipped test car. In the fund, the headroom also is sufficient for adults, but the leg room is scarce. The trunk offers 251 to 951 liters of volume. This lies up at the level of the class best and even reaches almost polo-mabe. Another plus is the shelf, which from the middle equipment "Move Up" is standard.

Two motors from start

The 75-horsepower version we can accelerate and appears subjectively much thumbs than the standard sprint value of 13.2 seconds suggest. The three-cylinder also runs very quiet despite the lack of compensation shaft. The Funfgang circuit works without problems, with one exception: The Ruckwartsgang has no lock from cost. The serial electromechanical power steering does a good job.

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