Vw up: domestic car family is expanded

Vw up: domestic car family is expanded

Wolfsburg, 30. January 2012 – VW currently operates some effort to place the up on the market. The hectic ferility is quite comprehensible, because the segment is highly compressed and with Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii come in the next few months two opponents from their own house in the trade – and in a price range where a few hundred euros difference about a purchase decide. With numerous new variants VW now wants to counter. We could already drive some of them.

E-up should come in 2013

The electrical variant of the micro car, the e-up, is to be the first electric car from VW in the summer of 2013 on the market. His 60 kW strong electric motor does not make the e-up to the sports car, as the driving performance shows: the highest speed is 130 km / h, for the sprint at speed 100 is required about 14 seconds. The small dwell is more likely designed for urban use: the 210 nm torque ensure momentary momentum in urban speeds, so you can not occur undermotorized. A drawback, which is still to be resolved until the market start, is a light, high-frequency whistle, which is horn in the pressing of the brake – also in standing. The prototype moved by us was equipped with a windscreen heater and automatic climate control. So that the latter does not need too much electricity, you can adjust your behavior with a button that is temporarily labeled in the prototype with "eco".

150 kilometers range

A remarkable peculiarity are the different driving steps that you can adjust. If one pulls the electoral lever out of normal D mode, an operating mode with strong recuperation is activated, in which the car flows down, as soon as you go from the gas. If you print the lever to the left or right, finer gradations of the recuperation behavior are adjustable – up to free rolls. Ideally, however, you avoid accelerating abruptly in an electric car and slow down. Then the nearly 19 kWh of the lithium-ion battery is enough for about 150 kilometers.

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