Vw touareg: erlzonig the upcoming generation on the way

Vw touareg: erlzonig the upcoming generation on the way

Munchen, 27. July 2009 – Visuber Defender or the G-Class of Mercedes, the G-Class of Mercedes is the VW Touareg truly a junior, but the Wolfsburger SUV, the Sharan – does not arrive at the Wolfsburg SUV – unlike the methusalem in the VW prospectus, the Sharan – a Facelift appointment in a life of the car, as current empowered photos occupy. Not least, the in-house competition in the form of the Tiguan, which sets away from the stand path to the top of the compact SUV segment and has certainly taken some Touareg-interested in itself.

Beautiful review

Although the still-acting effectiveness of the second Touareg generation on the front and stern is still thickly packed, still distinguished details are already crystallized. So the side line is oriented with slightly sloping roof on the optics of the Tiguan, the roof railing becomes narrower. Striking is the bead in the treatments, which dissolves the proportions of the approximately 4.80 meter long car depending on the light incident. New are the turiffs in the style of Golf VI as well as mandated dub mirrors. On the front area, the new VW family face with black plastic lamellae is used highly likely.

Less displacement, more power

In the engine offer of the new Touareg, the unprocessed W12 petrol engine was allowed to fall away. At the same time as the basic motor could be a 2.0 TSI coming, who already works in the Audi Q5 with 211 hp. In addition, insiders speculate about the use of hybrid technology. In the diesel, VW relies on common rail technology, the obsolete V10 TDI is sent in pension. The audience premiere of the Touareg II is expected for the Geneva Salon in the spring of 2010, in the same year Porsche launches the technically closely related new Cayenne on the market.

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