Vw t-cross: first exit

Vw t-cross: first exit

No, the fastest when filling niches, you are not at Volkswagen. The competition remains a bit of time and again a little time until the Lower Saxony then jerk up with power and put the bestseller. The whole SUV boom has not been dared for a long time. Now take a short distance new offshoot. While this does not offer anything innovative in the technical or creative sense, but this circumstance has Tiguan and Co. so far not damaged. The same is allowed in the medium term also for T-ROC and T-Cross.

Long ago was known that Volkswagen will expand its SUV offer downwards. For this, the small car base is used, build on the VW Polo and Seat Ibiza. The Seat Arona is the Seat. After this principle, the VW T-Cross is also knitted, which we were allowed to accompany at last recording rides.


The test car is still covered with a slide on the front and tail, but the contours can be easily recognized. Volkswagen remains faithful and completely waives optical gambling. Whether headlights or jerklichter, Kuhlergrill or Tailgate: Much of this brand new car looks very familiar. Some of a Volkswagen as a certain discomfort accuse, but as long as the Group does so many customers with his conservative design, will not change.

At the first exit, pictures were not permitted from the interior. But even here, so much betrayed, Volkswagen remains far from that courage removes, for example, PSA shows partly. This is, of course undeniable its advantages, for example in the day-to-day handling. You can find everything a bit drug, but the usability is better designed for ally daring. The first impression of materials and workmanship is aligned – who is surprised – that in the VW Polo, which is not the worst reference.


For this purpose, Volkswagen will offer a wide range of assistance and infotainment systems. The emergency brake assistant recognizes up to a speed of 65 km / h Fubganger, which works in front of cars in the dead angle without speed limit. The infotainment systems are all known. As in Polo, there will also be a display instead of a combined instrument, so the customer likes to spend additional money.

Customers will be elections from FUF equipment lines: Trendline, Comfortline, Highline, Designline or the R-Line. There are also two coatings and different decors with optional 3D patterns that the interior should dissolve something. The raders of the small car Crossovers are roughly 16 to 18 inches.

Well-known engines

The motors are all known well known. At the base, there are two three-cylinder with 95 hp and 115 hp, add to the 1.5 TSI with 150 hp and the 1.6 TDI with 95 hp. The base engine with 95 hp enjoyed us very much in Seat Arona: quiet and powerful enough he does his ministry so good that the investment in more power seems secondary. This also applies to the T-Cross: Who has urged it in a hurry, is well served with this 95-horsepower engine in this class. On the first exit, the machine only contacted himself acknowledged when it was challenged.

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