Vw should save and released up to 7000 employees

Volkswagen plans to prime at his core brand VW cars in the next five years at ie 5000 to 7000 jobs. For this purpose, routine tasks should be automated and, among other things, from 2023 a profit improvement of 5.9 billion euros to be achieved in terms of course, as the company on Wednesday (13. Marz 2019) announced in Wolfsburg.

Representations should not be reopened at the age-related departure of employees. With the previous austerity programs VW has already achieved a lot, said the brand VW for the daycourse MANAGER RALF Landstatter. "But we have to do much more to water the upcoming challenges in the time after 2020," he stressed.

Background is that VW is currently investing a lot of money in modern IT systems. The opening room for management to save costs for the management. Already for several days a further staff reduction in the brand VW in the room is. In addition, Volkswagen wants to reduce the model variety and reduce the material costs.

In the fall of 2016, the company had already appointed a rough austerity program with the worker’s side, which runs until the end of 2020. It sees global degradation of 30.000 places before, 23.000 of them in Germany. In return, 9,000 workplaces in future areas such as software development should be reused, operational responsibilities are excluded by 2025. The program should bring a profit improvement of 3.7 billion euros from 2020 and significantly increased the productivity of the works.

VW boss Herbert This wants to pay the investments for the swivel to electromodials and digitization with the new sparring round. The VW brand missed its yield destinations last year, especially because the problems around the new exhaust and consumption test WLTP cost a lot of money. Because consecutive after the new ruftestest lacked, long time could only be sold a crazy model offer.

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