Vw requested requirement for battery cell factory

For the construction of a battery cell factory in Germany, Volkswagen obligations of the covenant has requested. A VW spokeswoman said at the 18th. Marz in Wolfsburg, the Group wanted to participate in the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics to claim the industrial production of mobile and stationary batteries. For this, the company was interested in the research claim.

Overall, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, more than 30 companies are interested in a claim. Last Friday, a deadline had expired. Among them, in addition to automakers, suppliers, battery manufacturers, chemical companies and raw materials and recycling companies are also. Specifically, it’s a more earlier report of the Handelsblatt According to Volkswagen about BASF, PSA and BMW.

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) had announced that the federal government wanted to establish the construction of a battery cell production with a total of up to one billion euros. Europe lags in the production of battery cells for E cars above all asia afterwards.

"Germany and Europe need an innovative and environmentally friendly battery cell production," said the CDU politician. Batteries had outstanding economic importance for the electromobility and energy storage under the energy transition. "If we get good workplaces in the industry and want to create new ones, we have to be leading to innovative battery cell production."

The submitted project sketches have now been increased, then companies should continue to concretize their application in a second level. It will also go to the formation of consortia. In parallel, the demand with the EU Commission will be discussed so that projects will be started as soon as possible.

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