Vw presents “clean diesel”- and fuel cell cars in l.a.

Vw presents 'clean diesel'- and fuel cell cars in l.a.

Los Angeles (California / USA), 20. November 2008 – to the successes of Beetle (Cafer) and Rabbit (Golf) in the USA, which is long history, Volkswagen wants to use economical diesel vehicles. The Los Angeles Auto Show (21. to 30. November 2008) use the Wolfsburg as a building for energy-efficient and low-emission drive technologies. In California, VW shows a Touareg with Clean Diesel, several prototypes with fuel cell and an extreme rally vehicle in the form of the Baja Touareg TDI.

Touareg V6 TDI with Clean Diesel

His world premiere celebrates in Los Angeles of the Touareg V6 TDI with a 225 hp strong "Clean diesel". The new self-cord should combine low consumption values with powerful power development. Thanks to urea exhaust gas purification, the self-condition involves the American emission standard 5 and thus the regulations in all US states. The V6 TDI is characterized by high dynamics and a lot of comfort, promise the Wolfsburg. Already from 1750 turns he develops his maximum torque of 550 Newton meters. The turbo diesel is similarly quiet as a comparable gasoline engine, but far more powerful, VW attracts the US clientele, which traditionally knows diesel only as truck fuel.

Excellent Jetta Clean Diesel

Since August 2008, the Jetta TDI has been relevant in America as Clean Diesel. This model with a 140 hp four-cylinder turbodiesel is required in the US tax with $ 1300. Compared to similarly strong gasoline, the fuel consumption of the Jetta TDI lies according to VW by up to 35 percent lower. And the compact self-cord continues to get backwind: Just today the Jetta TDI of the model year 2009 was on the LA Auto Show from the US magazine Green Car Journal to the "Green Car Of The Year 2009" bound.

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