Vw polo bifuel: autogas plant ex works

Vw polo bifuel: autogas plant ex works

Wolfsburg, 17. May 2010 – The LPG is becoming increasingly popular, can not be read on the growing petrol density. Currently you can refuel in Germany at nearly 5900 jobs SUPGAS. A trend, which now always looks like more automakers. After the golf there is now also the VW Polo with Autogas ex works.

Two liters of more consumption

The Polo Bifuel is based on Polo 1.4 with 85 hp. The name Bifuel points to the bivalent drive: Switching can also be driven with petrol. The 1,4-liter four-cylinder strong in LPGAS mode is intended to be with an average of 8.1 l / 100 km. While this is significantly more than in gasoline operation, but the liter of autogas currently costs only 0.64 euros – so not even the half of super-fuel. In autogas operation, 132 g CO2 per km will turn out. In gasoline operation, the engine makes 85 hp as in the normal version, but consumption with 6.1 instead of 5.9 liters is a bit high. This also results in the slightly higher CO2 outlet of 146 g / km.

Proud surcharge

The gas tank with 52 liters of useful volume is housed in the spare wheel. In LPG operation, a range of about 640 kilometers is possible, the total range amounts to 1300 kilometers. The Polo Bifuel is in the versions Trendline (16.325 Euro), Comfortline (17.625 Euro) and HIGHLINE (18.450 euros) available from now on. The price premium opposite the gasoline for the COMFORTLINE version Upppy 2550 Euro – Opel requires only 1100 euros, Renault in the Clio Campus 1700 Euro.

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