Vw polo as a limousine with step heat

Vw polo as a limousine with step heat

Moscow (Russia), 4. June 2010 – The new VW Polo as a stepheck limousine has designed Volkswagen specially designed for the Russian market. Among other things, the special air conditioning and strain conditions were considered in the Fruher Soviet Union.

From 10.000 EURO

The car produced in the Russian Kaluga becomes an entry-level price of 10.000 Euro offered. For comparison: In Germany, the entry-level model Polo 1 costs.2 trendline with three things and 60 hp 12.275 Euro, the cheapest Fox 1.2 suggests with 9650 euros to beech. However, the Russian customer for security must pay extra: ABS there is only from the second highest equipment Comfortline, ESP and side airbags are only from the most expensive stage highline. The trunk falls manifestly at the small limousine: 480 liters of pack fit into. The Schrugheck model offers only 280 liters, to the rear of the gulf fit 350 liters. As an empty weight, VW for the limousine gives 1084 kilograms.

Engine for different fuel quality

As a motor, a 1.6-liter gasoline engine is used in the Polo Limousine with 105 hp and a torque of 155 nm. Consumption should be at 6.4 liters per 100 kilometers. In 10.5 seconds it goes from zero to 100 km / h, the highest speed is reached at 190 km / h. There is a manual Funfgang circuit or a six-speed automatic. The engine is specially designed for the fuels offered on the Russian market with strongly fluctuating qualities. Also, the bike deposition of the Polo stage hatchback is more robust than that of the hatchback variant, too on bad straws. In addition, VW galvanized the body of the new Polo Limousine, resisting resistive paint colors and chrome parts that stand with aggressive means. For the time being, the car is only offered in Russia, a market start in Germany is currently not planned.

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