Vw passat r36 with 300 hp and four-wheel drive after a long wait

Vw passat r36 with 300 hp and four-wheel drive after a long wait

Wolfsburg, 4. April 2008 – from zero to a hundred, the in Passat R36 comes slightly more than fun and a half seconds, from the trade fair premiere to the start of the sales, he needed about one and a half years. Now the time has come: After unusually long waiting time and extensive wireless silence, VW now offers the strongest family coach, which was produced in Wolfsburg ever in series. From now on, the Passat R36 can be configured and ordered as a limousine and as a station wagon on the VW website. The top model waits series-maby with dual-clutch transmission DSG, 4Motion-four-wheel drive and a 300 hp V6-benzeneirect injector with 3.6 liters capacity.


In December 2006, Volkswagen had introduced the middle class sportsman on the engine show in Essen. This was followed by various R36 performances on a further automatic, sometimes as a limousine, sometimes as a variant. What was involved was a VW envison for the launch of the fast passat. Well, however, the warehouse has an end: prices start at 45.100 euros for the limousine – the variant costs 46.400 euros. There is a comprehensive equipment including leather sports seats, DSG, MP3 radio and bi-xenon light. And, of course, the heat 300 hp V6, which grews the sedan in 5.6 seconds and the variant in 5.8 seconds at speed 100. Unity prevails at the highest speed, as both versions are arranged at 250 km / h.

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