Vw jetta: debut for the european version

Vw jetta: debut for the european version

Munchen, 27. October 2010 – up to 110.000 VW Jetta are sold in the US – so the car is the most successful model of all European manufacturers on the US market. So it does not surprise that Volkswagen brought the new generation of the stepheck limousine in the summer at first in the United States to market. In the spring of 2011, the Jetta also comes to Europe. On the edge of yesterday’s DFB Cup Game between Bavaria Munchen and Werder Bremen, VW management presented the Europavary in the Munchener Allianz Arena. With the game: Uli Hoeb, Prasident of FC Bayern and Klaus Allofs, business drivers of Werder Bremen.

Prominent accompaniment

Both Fubball Clubs Maintain Close Relations with the VW Group: Audi is one of Bavaria’s main sponsors, and the team drive in a wide variety of Ingolstadter models, while the kickers of Werder Bremen are traveling with various VW models. Allofs drive up to date a Phaeton, Hoeneb uses an Audi RS 6. Nevertheless, both coarse envoy gave the impression that they were seriously interested in the compact Jetta. However, Hoeneb gave to understand that VW boss Martin Winterkorn was able to present a Porsche in such a frame.

VW prevails high expectations

Winter grain and its development leader Ulrich Hackenberg showed itself from the new Jetta as well as Walter de Silva, head designer of the VW Group. They set high expectations in the Jetta: Never before was the sporting, more efficient and gross. Passing the time when the limousine was derived from the gulf. Fortan, both models went their own ways. The now significantly larger Jetta (4,64 instead of previously 4.55 meters long) recommend it as a high-quality, quite a great and driving active sedan. Winter grain: "We have completely reunited the technology and design of the Jetta so that our NR. 1 from America Artistic also with us your position." The CEO of Volkswagen AG continues: "At prices from 20.900 euros we offer with the Jetta a vehicle that enriches the limousines of the compact class around a new quality dimension." Hackenberg stressed that the Jetta is high-quality in Europe than in the price sensitive USA. Also in China, the Jetta is sold and the art is also produced there.

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