Vw human resources board: “with e-cars less jobs”

VW personnel council Karlheinz blessing estimates that an increasing proportion of electric cars will cost jobs. "I believe that in the age of electromobility and digitization fewer people will be busy with the car team," said Blessing in the conversation with the dpa. At the same time new tasks were added. However, it is likely that the number of workers throughout the industry and also at VW Sink.

"Put an electric motor next to a highly complex burner. Then you see: to build an electric motor requires significantly less effort, "explained blessing. Similarly, Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche had been uplowered. Zetsche had announced a job degradation in engine production and thus employed employee representatives in Stuttgart.

Above all, the proportion of software and electronics in the car, however, ensures a higher demand for specialists in the auto industry at least in these areas. "We find our experts not only in Germany, but worldwide," said Blessing. "Wolfsburg should become a magnet for high-tech and IT experts. We want to make Wolfsburg to the model city for digitization and electromobility."

In the so-called future pact between management and works council, VW wants to cushion the surroundings in the industry for employees. Up to 23.000 jobs are deleted to the German VW locations by 2025, up to 30.000 worldwide. Operating responsibilities should not exist. In addition, 9000 places are created for example for software developers. On balance, the degradation in Germany is reduced to 14.000 workplaces. In addition there are employment guarantees until the end of 2025. The exact scope of the shorts is still unclear from today’s perspective, as well as the distribution to the locations. Many temporary workers have to go.

In the pact, the uptailation of Volkswagen is reflected in the direction of electromobility, digitization and services. He is priority with a priority for the six West German VW works (Wolfsburg, Emden, Hannover, Salzgitter, Braunschweig, Kassel) and VW in Saxony. Among other things, VW also discusses its own battery cell production. Blessing says: "A rough battery factory costs a lot of money, and she does not necessarily create many jobs. Nevertheless, we question the topic intensively."

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