Vw fox as a special model style obvious

Vw fox as a special model style obvious

Wolfsburg, 13. November 2009 – VW now also offers the Fox as a special model called Style. To facilities Accident 15-inch light metal roller with 195er tires and a pretty recent rear spoiler. This is exactly like the outdoor mirror housing, the stobbar and the side protection bars painted in body color. Pedals in aluminum optics and seat coverage in special design give the interior a sporty note. For entertainment, a CD radio with MP3 function and four speakers.

From 10.975 euros

The equipment also includes an entry-level aid for the rear, fog lights and a high and long-adjustable steering blue. In the basic motorization, a power steering is added, which is in the incorporated drives series. All three aggregates available for the Fox are available. With the 55 hp 1,2-liter gasoline engine costs the Fox Style 10.975 euros – these are 1325 euros more than the amount called the price list for the corresponding serial model. With the 1.4-liter gasoline engine with 75 hp 12.300 euros to pay, that’s 1100 euros more than normal Fox. With the 70 hp strong 1.4 TDI become 13.200 euros fally – 975 euros more the corresponding series Fox costs. But the buyer saves against a correspondingly outlined production model. The price advantage is available VW with up to 1340 euros.

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