Vw: first autosar compliant control device

Vw: first autosar compliant control device

According to the Software manufacturer The MathWorks, Volkswagen has integrated a complete AutoSar-compliant-developed comfort controller in an existing VW control device network. The automobile manufacturer used Model-based design and products from The MathWorks for automatic generation of AUTOSAR-compliant software from Simulink models with Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder.

AUTOSAR comes in drive
AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) is an initiative in which automobile manufacturers, suppliers and tool manufacturers work on a common standard. He should help to counteract the increasing complexity in the development of automotive electronics and reduce development costs without affecting the product quality. The MathWorks is "premium member" of the AUTOSAR initiative and works in the working groups.

First models with AUTOSAR elements should go in production in 2008. According to the initials, all "Core Partners" will have implemented by 2010 AUTOSAR software in their new electronic control units or vehicle generations. Core partners are the car manufacturers BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Opel, PSA, Toyota and Volkswagen as well as coarse suppliers like Continental and Bosch. Also in Japan there are aspirations for improved standards for tax-oriented software.

Faster Implementation with Model-Based Design
According to The MathWorks with this project, Volkswagen wants to show how the current status of the AutoSar standards translate into practice and integrate into the development process of vehicles of the next generation. In the context of the project integrated Volkswagen functions such as the central locking or the electric windows controller with MATLAB, Simulink and Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder into a serial control apparatus, which was then incorporated into a current VW passat sedan.

Model-based design accelerates the code generation and eliminates many typical errors for manual programming. The Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder from The MathWorks automatically produced AUTOSAR-compliant C code from Simulink models.

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