Vw exhaust gas fraud: investigators also with muller – stadler

For the raids against Audi for possible fraud in the diesel affare, according to media reports, the top management of the Volkswagen Group has also received a visit by investigators. As part of the actions of the past few days, officials were searched by VW Chef Matthias Muller and Audi boss Rupert Stadler for material with appropriate clues Picture on Sunday and Mirror online. The newspaper was a decision of the district court Munchen. The public prosecutor’s office, but not to have in the sights of Muller and Stadler in a visor.

Previously, the authority had emphasized, the investigations were currently against unknown. Meanwhile, the car industry is rattling what happens with the shares of the Fruheren Patriarch Ferdinand Piech at the main owner of Volkswagen – the Porsche-Holding PSE -. The long-term chief guards of the Group negotiate the sale of his shares.

In the US – the country of origin of the exhaust-affare – has already been appointed a far-reaching agreement between Volkswagen and the judiciary for the settlement of criminal matters. It costs a lot of money the Group. In Germany, however, prosecutors in Braunschweig and Munchchen are continuing to clear responsibilities.

Of the Picture on Sunday According to the investigators last also brought out Buros of the executive day – goal were about protocols or e-mails of the executive board. At the Group nut VW in Wolfsburg, it strolled: "For details of the ongoing investigations, we can not drive ourselves. We cooperate with the agents in full."An Audi spokesman looked like. Mirror online reported, the investigators were also on smartphones and notebookers from Stadler.

In the middle of the week, police and prosecutors had struck in several places, parallel to the presentation of the Audi Noves 2016 in Ingolstadt. The headquarters of the Volkswagen brand, rooms at the Neckarsulm plant and also Buros at the Group headquarters in Wolfsburg. In addition, there were raids in non-close-mentioned apartments of employees.

Concrete accused in the procedure for suspicion of fraud and punishable advertising do not yet emphasize, stressed the prosecutors. On Thursday, it became known that Buros was also searched by Volkswagen commissioned by Volkswagen US law firm Jones Day. The Group criticized this as "unacceptable in every way".

Shortly before the weekend, the tarpaulin of Porsche and Volkswagen vortex had also been drawn. The power architecture in Europe’s large car concerts was able to change through the contested jerking of the 79-year-old at the PSE. It is unclear whether the 14.7 percent share of Piech is to be resold at the ordinary shares of the holding or only in parts – and whether the so-free package remains within the coarse family Porsche / Piech or could go to sub-standing investors.

The PSE holds around 52 percent the majority of voting rights at Volkswagen. Follow the state of Lower Saxony with 20 and Qatar with 17 percent. The holding was not exercised on the weekend for the possible development. From the State Chancellery in Hanover, it struck it, it was a question of Porsche to regulate the relevance: "In our view, this is primarily a matter of the ownership family."On Friday, the PSE had reportedly communicated that in the Porsche / Piech-Clan there is a transfer of a" significant share "of the shares.

Most recently, alleged allegations of Piech’s appealed for the work of the exhaust gas fraud. According to this, the Fruhere Chief Controller should have accused members of the Supervisory Board, such as Lower Saxony Minister Prosident Stephan Weil (SPD), works council Bernd Osterloh and also his Cousin Wolfgang Porsche, have already known for a suspicion of exhaust manipulation in the USA. These showed the sharp back.

Experts reacted surprised to the envision of the Piech sales. "Financially, the time is not ideal – the Borsenkurs of Volkswagen is still burdened by the diesel theme," said Willi Diez from the Geislinger Institute for Automotive Industries. Jurgen Pieper, Car Analyst of the Bankhaus Metzler, sees the "End of a Madness Ara". He ames that the families of Porsche and Piech received their power overall and do not sell externally, he said to the journal Automotive week.

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