Vw e-up: continue, costs less

Vw e-up: continue, costs less

After eight years in the trade, it is usually time for a model change. At Volkswagen is not to be foreseen in the microscan segment, but the Group modernizes the basis again gently. The monituded progress is the e-up, which was much more interesting for many people to become much more interesting.

The technical basis is also placed on the consolidated models of SEAT and SKODA. From there, the basic corner data were already known. Performance rises by one to 61 kW, which seems properly. Because the decisive step completes Volkswagen in the battery. Net capacity rises from 18.7 to 32.3 kWh. [Correction 6. September 2019, 6:55 am]: 18.7 kWh are the previous gross capacity. Of that love about. Use 16.4 kWh. The new e-up is the battery capacity at 32.3 kWh net and 36.8 kWh gross.

With 40 kW DC, the battery should be charged to around 80 percent within one hour. The information on consumption and range is still premealed. VW calls 12.7 kWh / 100 km and 260 km reach. Because the question comes again and again: unlike cars with the sole internal combustion engine, consumption, battery capacity and range in the WLTP with E-cars does not result in a triple.

After the VW had drastically lowered the price in November 2018, there was an onslaught on the car that had not expected. From January 2019 no new orders were accepted. There you may be curious how interest develops further, because 21.975 euros is the new e-up again a bit cheap. Of this, it can be deducted once again 4380 euros – state and manufacturers put this sum within the framework of the E-Autopramia. Includes include digital radio (DAB +), lane support assistant and automatic climate control. Who between the 18. September and the 31. October 2019 an e-up least, pays 159 euros.

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