Vw chef muller: connectionpramy for old diesel

Volkswagen Group Chef Matthias Muller has demanded a pioneering role from the operators of public vehicle fleets when switching to low-emission mobility. It does not turn to move only the private customers to exchange their vehicles, Muller said at the Conference of the Minister of Transport of the Confederation and countries on Thursday evening (9. November 2017). In addition, Volkswagen is committed to using the conversion program for old diesel over the turn of the year 2017/2018 beyond.

Volkswagen had announced after the diesel’s summit at the Federal Government, owners of old diesel cars price-neighbor of up to 10.000 EURO. The offer is aimed at all drivers of any diesel vehicle of emission standards Euro 1 to Euro 4, which buy a new car with Euro 6 of VW or Audi. At SEAT and SKODA, there is currently a Pramie, if you exchanges its old self-cord against a new Leon or Octavia with natural gas.

Muller also stimulated to quickly make the funds available for the mobilitation fund. This fund is also a result of the diesel specimen, it is intended to have a volume of a billion euros and serve to support bads that have to fight with too high nitrogen oxide values in the air. According to previous state, the German automakers should contribute 250 million euros to the Fund.

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