Vw and hamburg: projects for urban mobility

Vw and hamburg: projects for urban mobility

In the new VW strategy for more electric cars and mobility services in metropolitan areas Hamburg gets a key role. It’s about new approaches in traffic control, but also about autonomous driving and parking, shared car pools, e-buses and reducing emissions. The Group and the Hanseatic City adopted on Monday (29. August 2016) A basic paper signed by Volkswagen CEO Matthias Muller and Hamburg’s Burgermeister Olaf Scholz (SPD) in the Hamburg Town Hall. The project runs over three years. Many individual projects are still in planning and skeptics, why just VW and Hamburg together.

Muller said, at the environment, traffic and good exchange there are any quantities "challenges": "Where, if not in the metropolises we should loose these tasks?"Hamburg have already done a lot of preliminary work here, it will become a model city. Scholz said, "The task is to water the growing traffic and ensure that the quality of life of our burger is compatible."

Services In addition to the pure automotive industry, the e-mobitat and the autonomous driving are key points in Volkswagen "Strategy 2025". It should drive the conversion of Europe’s big car manufacturer. In parallel, VW also has to save strongly because of the exhaust-affare. "Disorders or prohibitions are not going to the destination," Muller warped overlooking the inner-stadtical air load from internal combustion engines. The youngest debate about the "blue badge" and sharp rules in environmental zones, however, had also been fueled by the Volkswagen busy diesel affare.

The daughter one decided with the transport companies Hamburg-Holstein and the Hamburg Hochbahn already an "intensive exchange in the development of E-Buses". In the agreement with Hamburg, however, it also means: "At the moment Hamburg is in the area of air quality prior to coarse challenges, in particular as regards the compliance with the nitrogen dioxide limit value."At the beginning of August, the Senate was said to challenge an administrative court judgment, according to which the city must submit a new Air Testing plan by the end of June 2017. "We do not do anything that looks quite hub, but it’s about real changes of a whole industry," said Scholz.

The Environmental Organization Confederation and the environmental documents lived by the Grunen coalition partner were not convinced. In the Memorandum stand "Nothing, which was really effective in the direction of low and air pollutant reduction," bothered it from the author. You rely on "not alone on vague depreciation clarifications". Hamburg’s Bund boss Manfred Braash meant: "Here two struggled actors have come together, who want to do something for their image."

For the expansion of its service division, Volkswagen puts on the partnership with the driving service provider and Uber-Rival Gett. Here, the Group participates with $ 300 million. However, VW DigitalThef Johann Jungwirth had also requested further tarpaulin about robot taxis, a subsidiary for the "e-mobility" is settled in Berlin. For mobilitate services, Muller up to 2025 estimates a double-digit billion amount of investments, until then, the area "sales in a substantial billion low" should bring.

At CarSharing VW in Germany is still exhausted: During BMW with Drivenenow and Daimler with Car2Go are strongly represented, the Own, Hannover-restricted project Quicar was set at the beginning of the year. In Hamburg, the Group now successfully applied to the city to the EU project "MySmartlife". This is about cars shared under neighbors and more approaches to the "Shared Mobility" in the district of Bergedorf.

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