Volvo xc90 d3 2wd: smaller base diesel and pure front drive

Volvo xc90 d3 2wd: smaller base diesel and pure front drive

Wernberg-Koblitz, 4. August 2010 – The Volvo XC90 has been on the market since 2002, and has barely changed since the Facelift of 2006. To the end of its model cycle, Volvo now brings a new entry-level version to the German market, in which a relatively small diesel extrapolially drives the front wheel. This combination makes the car for exotics under the Groben SUVs – we wanted to know how they preserved in practice.

It does not always have to be four-wheel drive

Mercedes ML, BMW X5, VW Touareg and how they all live: Rough SUVs are available so far almost extremely with all-wheel drive. Also, the XC90, which has similar tubs with 4.81 meters, was offered in Germany so far with four-wheel drive. In the US, on the other hand, there was him from the beginning as a pure front drive. So now he comes to us and joins the only other SUV with 4.70 meters long and 2WD drive: the basic model of the CADILLAC SRX, which is routed with rear wheel drive. Not American is the engine of the new XC90 version, because diesel are still unpopular in the US. The new D3 self-zurinder is a Funfzylinder, has 2.4 liters of displacement and makes in XC90 163 hp. Thus, the engine is one of the low-powered machines offered in a rough SUV.

Often at the limit

Accordingly, the Volvo also offers no external performance. The Tempo 100print completes the XC90 D3 in 11.8 seconds. And sounds like a strexy. But not only at full throttle, the 2.1 tons of heavy diesel acts quickly, even with slight slopes or at the acceleration track of an empty highway, the unit turns up to 3500 or 4000 tours – and that’s almost the end of the speed band for a diesel. Accordingly, it will be loud too. At least the highest speed is 190 km / h – the XC90 will not be faster in the 185 hp D5 version with automatic and four-wheel drive.

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