Volvo v60 plug-in hybrid with diesel for 57.000 euro

Volvo v60 plug-in hybrid with diesel for 57.000 euro

Koln, 13. December 2011 – With the Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid wants the Swedish brand that "technically the most demanding vehicle", which the group has built so far, put on the raders. The middle class combination is driven by a diesel in the club with an electric motor. In the first half of 2012, the vehicle should be officially ordered, but the production start is only in November 2012.

1000 cars to the start

As a startup screen, 1000 vehicles are produced. The model is offered in the equipment Pure Limited, which the highest V60 features so far "Summum" still surpass. The abs color Electric silver, a leather outfit and a shift knob with illuminated switching indicator is included here, among other things to the scope of equipment. The production starts in November 2012, Volvo ames that the first batch will be sold out quickly.

Marketing with Vattenfall

According to Volvo, the V60 plug-in hybrid has emerged in close cooperation with the Swedish Energy Group Vattenfall. The electricity supplier optionally offers a so-called starter package for the car. This contains a supply contract via the supply of air-neutral generated electricity and a charging station. The starter package should be consuming in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, the price is not yet known. Vattenfall is according to own information of the funftgrobe power generators in Europe. The Group is in environmental organizations because of the operation of nuclear power plants and allegedly climate-damaging power generation in criticism.

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