Volvo v60: combi version of the s60 is still coming in 2010

Volvo v60: combi version of the s60 is still coming in 2010

Koln, 6. July 2010 – In the process, many interested parties have been preserved in vain: from the Volvo S60 there was no combi offshoot. Obviously, too many customers have acknowledged these cheeks in the program, because at the successor, which comes as a stepheck in September to the handlers, a station wagon was planned from the beginning. Even before the start of sales of the Limousine S60, there are now first details and pictures of the V60 baptized station wagon.

No traditonal station wagon

Optically, the V60 occurs dynamically and elegant. The wedge shape and the coupe-like roof line of the V60 are accompanied by a shoulder contour, which extends in a double shaft from the headlights to the vertically aligned tail lights. From the front, the V60 largely corresponds to the brother S60. The trunk falls modestly with 430 liters. Volvo stresses that the V60 should not compete with a traditional combination. But even lifestyle combi like Audi A4 or BMW threesome offer a little more space. If you need more room and still wants to drive Volvo, you have to access the coarse and more expensive models V70 and XC70.

Passenger seat foldable

But there is no sole purchase argument in this class. The existing room should be possible to use variably. Volvo carries with one in the ratio 40:20:40 divisible Ruckbank bill. Each levers are folded up individually, creating a complete flat loading float. In combination with the convertible passenger seat, the V60 is also suitable for transporting bulky objects. In addition, there is an additional compartment behind the wheel box and under the loading floor. The space in the fund describes the Sweden as "comfortable".

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