Volvo makes profit again under new ownership

The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo Cars has already retracted black numbers in the first year for his new Chinese parent company GEELY. As Volvo announced today in Goteborg today, 2010 brought an operational profit ("EBIT" – Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) of 2.3 billion crowns (currently 256.5 million euros) after high losses in the previous year. This is an improvement by 7.5 billion crowns (836 million euros) against 2009, when Volvo still belonged to the US autorives Ford.

The German Group Chef Stephan Jacoby, who has changed by Volkswagen to Sweden last year, called the result very pleasing: "In 2010, we have experienced a turnaround on the car market and have now returned to the yield zone." Sales increased by 18.2 percent in 2010 to 113 billion crowns (12.6 billion euros).

Volvo has demented in recent weeks of seeing a possible interest in the suppure of acute-struck domestic competitor Saab. During Saab’s survival fights and can not produce due to lack of money, Volvo almost presents greater growth rates on the whole line.

Sales rose by 11.6 percent last year to 373.525 cars. The plus in China volvo (without mention of absolute numbers) to 36.2 percent and in Europe to 10.4 percent. On the other hand, in the important US market, sales sailed by 12.2 percent to almost 54.000 car.

Also for the first quarter of 2011 Volvo recorded growth in profit, sales and sales. We expect a persistently positive development for the entire course of the year, won it on. In his European production rates Torslanda in Sweden and the Belgian Ghent, the company wants to set 1200 employees, most of them in geniors, in addition. In China, a new factory is built in Chengdu.

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