Volvo introduces v90 cross country

Goteborg, 16. September 2016 – the rarer bad paths become, the more attractive badway versions. The somewhat winding psychology behind this phanomena on the international market has already recognized Volvo already suddenly, already launched in 1997 the XC70 and for years a reputation for high-level combi. Now Volvo brings a badway edition of its top-class combination V90.

With six and a half centimeters more ground clearance and serial-maby four-wheel drive, it evaluates far from the full plankton, which usually increased from only 15 millimeters to two centimeters and consisting of all sorts of plastic planks series models without four-wheel drive. In order to be pre-damped in such dimensions rich rich feathers no longer – Volvo had to seriously engage in the front wheel deposits on double querle core and the rear multi-link construction and has even developed its own tires for the higher model.

Almost modest

Overall, the assertiveness was seriously improved, which is still supported by the automatic transmission with its torque supercouragement by the transducer when recording or free. Volvo names these cars with the additional name almost modest "Cross Country". But that is consistent, if you like it from the still-permeable SUV models above and the asphalt versions below.

The many plastic and also to the recognition signs of the planked concentrated roof rail as well as a hint of undershot to front and rear must fulfill the customer’s expectation despite all genuine bad weather competence, but on the first pictures, however, is sufficiently discreet for the nearly fun feet long Nobelkombi and is also quite unnecessary in body color conservation.

The engine program first includes two diesel and two gasoline engines. Base is a two-liter self-cord with 190 hp at 4250 / min and 400 nm between 1750 and 2500 / min. In a stronger variant, the same engine makes 235 hp at 4000 / min and has a power of 480 nm between 1750 and 2250 / min. The turbo-charged gasoline engine with direct injection and also two liters displacement is 254 hp at 5500 / min and 350 nm between 1500 and 4800 / min, with additional mechanically powered compressor 320 hp at 5700 / min and 400 nm between 2200 and 5400 / min. It is conceivable that Volvo Father turns the plug-in hybrid drive of the XC90 T8 Twin Engine once. Anyway, the technical platform should be measured.

All models are produced together with automatically switching four-wheel drive (Volvo writes false "permanent") and delivered with an eight-speed converter automatic transmission. Interestingly, in particular, the option to a rear additional air suspension appears, because it can automatically maintain the expensive ground freedom with high loading.

As a possible competition model you could identify the Audi A6 Allroad Quattro, which as a four-wheel drive model (2.0 TFSI quattro, 252 hp) just under 50.000 Euro costs. The German market expects the new model from about 56.000 Euro at the beginning of 2017.

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