Volvo concept universe: scandinavian design butt in shanghai

Volvo concept universe: scandinavian design butt in shanghai

Koln / Goteborg, 19. Marz 2011 – After the use of Volvo by the Chinese Geely Group last year, so many fan of Swedish cars with a former cult character that the brand consecrated to the decline.

Premium claim underpinned

But at the car Shanghai 2011 (21. to 28. April) wants to dispel the new management of these launches. With the Concept Universe there is the study of a luxurious sedan to see that the Group emphasizes its claim, even in the 21. Century in the first league of carmaker. At the same time, the individual occupation serves to explore the public reactions as to whether the Swedish design stuck meets the taste of the steadily growing target group of wealthy builders in Far East.

Nobles interior

The interior is represented by a cowling, functional ambience. In the cockpit there is a circumferential wooden strip, but otherwise dominate and black. The instruments light up with blue, as well as the touchscreen in the center console. The four individual seats look rather athletic, but should also be particularly comfortable at the same time. While the front seats are darkly covered, the rear woman are. For the technical properties, such as the drive, Volvo currently does not provide any information.

Customer check in China

"We are very curious which impression the study on our demanding customers in China", Allowed Volvo Chef Stefan Jacoby. "Of course, we will present the concept in Europe and in the USA, finally we want to inspire premium customers around the world."

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