Volume for the fighting price

Volume for the fighting price

Stuttgart, 29. July 2014 – after the first Vito of 1996, series mabig with front drive, rust, electrical and brake problems came 2004 the output with rear wheel and 4×4 drive. Now Mercedes positions the Vito in third generation with front, rear and four-wheel drive. Until he approaches the best-selling competitor VW T5 and Ford Transit Custom to the commercial vehicle sector, he has to catch up a lot. But he had the stuff, including an aggressive pricing in basic export.

Three long, three drive configurations

The classic box car comes the Mixto with rear seat and additional windows as well as the completely glazed tourer for passenger transport. As in the commercial vehicle segment, the variants are almost unuitable. For example, the tourer is available in three basic exports "Base, Pro and Select" From an outpermen for the construction site, with taxi equipment or for use as a shuttle bus or for the business / private "Dual-use". Several is the Vito family in three long, they all grown by 14 centimeters. 4.89 meters is the Grundmab, the formats are 5.14 meters and 5.37 meters conservation. Good for parking garage and washing systems: The Vito measures a maximum of 1.91 meters in the high.

For the first time, the Mercedes Vito like the Ford and the VW also with front drive and 1.6 liters small small, transversely built-in diesel with 65 or 85 kW. This is priced and saves 120 kilograms, which according to Daimler be struck in these versions of payload. With rear wheel drive and long engine, the heavy duty executions are equipped with coarse motors, high utility and trailing loads. Mercedes calls that "The appropriate solution for particularly high driving dynamics". That’s how we can expect a Vito AMG? After all, the head of Mercedes Vans, Volker Mornshinsweg, 2010 Just came from the Mercedes tuning department. Good that Daimler also offers real four-wheel drive with his commercial vehicles: the long-wind engine offers the possibility to simply apply the well-known 4×4 drive and drive both axes without angular drive and slat coupling.

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