Volkswagen wants to grow mainly in the thresholds

Volkswagen wants to grow on his way to the worldwide industry top mainly in China. On his well-balanced market, the Group intends to increase its deliveries in the medium term of 1.4 million vehicles in the past year, two million stucco, as the Board of Directors in London was completed on Wednesday before investors. By 2018, VW wants to become the world’s leading automobile manufacturer and not only dismiss Toyota as leader, but also economically successful. "Our planning contains only goals that we can achieve with certain probability", Underlined Financial Officer Hans Dieter Potsch.

Especially in the sights, the Group has the above-average high-growth thresholders. The China business should achieve an operating sales yield of at least six percent in the medium term, the return on investments should continue to be 20 percent. Due to the Community structure of the Chinese societies, the revenue from the China business in the VW balance arise in the investment result and are not recognized in the sales and operating result of the Group.

For the US, the management raised its growth target, after which the sales of last 298.000 vehicles should rise to a million stucco in 2018. This requires a market share of six percent. At full production of the new factory in Chattanooga, which is to include the production in the next year, Financial Officer Potsch has a positive return between three and four percent for possibly. You still write with the US business red numbers, Potsch room. The Group wants to increase its sales by 2018 worldwide to increase ten million vehicles. Last year, the car manufacturer had delivered 6.29 million cars.

In order to achieve the profitability goals, further cost reductions are planned. For this purpose, among other things, the significant expansion of the modular principle contribute. The same parts are used in different models, which can be produced due to the coarse quantities. After the introduction of the so-called "Modular Langsbaubox" (MLB) at Audi should now "Modular crossbody" (MQB) following the small and mid-range cars. In addition to lower stucco costs, the company also promises to savings in developing expenses.

However, the quota for equal investment should remain in the automotive sector in the automotive sector in the medium and long term in the automotive sector. In recent years, average has been invested in research and development on average of around five billion euros, said VW boss Martin Winterkorn in front of the investors. The focus of research is to reduce consumption and exhaust emissions, including the development of alternative drives such as hybrid and electro.

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