Volkswagen wants to develop with varta li-ion battery cells

Volkswagen wants to work together to develop powerful batteries for electric cars Artist with the battery manufacturer Varta Microbattery. The aim is to promote the research and development of a technologically superstructure and price-competitive lithium-ion battery cell. This divided VW on Friday in Wolfsburg. The cartel keports must still agree to the first cooperation on four years. VW has already cooperated with the Japanese electronics companies with electric drives Toshiba and Sanyo. Varta Microbattery based in Ellwangen in Baden-Wurttemberg is a worldwide active battery manufacturer. In the development of battery technology, other carmakers have formed alliances.

The development of electric cars is currently one of the gross future topics in the automotive industry. As a key for the success of the technology, the development is more powerful and at the same time cheaper lithium-ion batteries. However, the manufacturers do not expect a breakthrough of electric cars in the foreseeable future. After a VW prognosis, pure electric cars in 2020 achieve a market share of only 1.5 percent. There are still many problems, chair member Ulrich Hackenberg on the IAA had said. For this purpose, the battery technology, the range, the price and the infrastructure for charging the batteries paid. A stronger cooperation of the manufacturers in the technology should not give it for the time being. The battery is a "competitive factory", said Hackenberg. VW wants to launch its first electric vehicle in 2013.

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