Volkswagen relies on low price strategy in the usa

Volkswagen wants to lure American customers with low prices for different models to conquer more market shares in the USA. According to a report of the Financial Times Germany On Wednesday, the large European car maker relies on gorgeous offers to reduce the residue to competitors such as General Motors, Ford or Toyota. "We want to address further customer groups with the new Passat and the Jetta on the mass market, which we have not yet been able to win for Volkswagen," said the VW boss in the United States, Jonathan Browning, the leaf.

According to the information, Volkswagen offers the youngest Jetta from 16.000 dollars (around 11.000 Euro) – and thus to a starting price, which lies under that of the transaction model. The new US version of the VW Passat is scheduled for 20 20.000 dollars at the handlers stand. VW plans to significantly improve its relatively weak position on the world-growing car market by 2018. Until then, there are 800.000 vehicles are sold – three times as many as before. The improved sales in the first quarter of this year is already promising.

After consulting industry connoisseurs, the cheap concept is not without risks. The low price level Konne also struck the quality in the face of poor test results for the VW Jetta produced in Mexico. The new US plant in Chattanooga (State of Tennessee) is currently the production of the "American Passat" begins. Browning relyed further investment in the locations, even in the Mexican Puebla, production will be expanded. In addition to the coarse close to the customers, foreign car manufacturers want to catch up with their works in North America, above all, exchange rate effects for imports.

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