Volkswagen nfz: cooperation with us provider navisar

Volkswagen nfz: cooperation with us provider navisar

An entry into the US truck manufacturer Navisar is to pave Volkswagen the long-planned step on the commercial vehicle market in North America. Europe’s large car conzers wants to take 16.6 percent of the company’s shares from Lisle (Illinois). A few days before the International Automobile Exhibition Commercial Vehicles (IAA) In Hanover, Volkswagen announced the "strategic alliance". The shares should come from a capital worth of capital. Both partners also want to work closely together in the development and in purchasing.

Volkswagen pays $ 15.76 per navitar paper. Thus, the purchase price lets himself around 256 million dollars (229 million euros). The Germans should also move into the Board of Directors of Navistar. Volkswagen Supervisory Board Hans Dieter Potsch explained: "Participation (…) is an important milestone in order to take FUB with our commercial vehicle business on the North American market."Commercial Vehicle Chef Andreas Renschler sees" Rough Benefits "for both.

Navistrar belongs to the more smaller US truck manufacturers. To the expiration of the 1. Shower semi-period (end of April), the company had received a loss, which last reduced from $ 106 million in the previous year to $ 29 million. Sales dropped from 5.1 to just under $ 4 billion in the same period. "The entry into a truck manufacturer on the ground appears relatively favorable and makes sense to have an additional pillar in North America," said the Nordlb car expert Frank Schwope. Also in previous years Navistar had partly written high losses.

Schwope ames that the participation could also lead to high savings effects in the joint purchasing. "It is obvious to revive the US manufacturer through a technology transfer," said swale, who is envisaging the deal in front of the IAA (22. to 29.09.) For deliberately sealed. This also applies to the transporter Crafter crafter produced by Volkswagen, which the Group had so far been manufactured together with Mercedes. The new Crafter, which is now built in Poland, wants to present the Group on Wednesday on the internet.

In contrast to the industry driver Daimler, Volkswagen has not yet been represented on the important US market for heavy commercial vehicles. Traughty For a local purchase, it had been given a long time. Parallel to the consolidated conversion, which should also be saved, Volkswagen is currently the billions of costs of the exhaust crisis shoulders. In 2015, the Group had founded an internal commercial vehicle holding, in the Scania and one should work closer. The CFO of Volkswagen Truck Bus, Matthias Grunder, expects the cooperation with Navistar advances in developing common components. Similar to car construction, construction kit with shares for multiple models is considered an important instrument to exchange technologies for commercial vehicles and reduce costs.

The planned business with Navistrar still has to be approved by regulatory keeps. For its existing commercial vehicle holding with MAN and Scania, Volkswagen had targeted cost advantages of at least 850 million euros over a period of 10 to 15 years.

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