Volkswagen: new premieges in the exhaust-affare

Volkswagen: new premieges in the exhaust-affare

Munchen, 7. November 2016 – In the exhaust affairs of the Volkswagen Group, new movement comes. Against Supervisory Board Hans Dieter Potsch, the Braunschweiger Prosecutor’s Office determines because of the suspicion of having limited investors. In addition, the US environmental worker should have established a further, illegal use of the test detection for an Audi with V6 engine. In the past week, Volkswagen had taken care of the statement for whirls to be a guilt in Europe. One had held in applicable, European law.

Initially suspected against Potsch

Supervisory Board Hans Dieter Potsch had a heavy stand from the beginning. His change from the Executive Board to the item of the chief control price shortly after the prompt loss of the promotional impulses. According to the Group, investigations are now investigating market manipulation. If a public prosecutor begins to determine, the authorities see enough "actual indications" for initially suspected. However, it is still unclear whether the prosecutor in the end elevates charges at the end.

As a financial boss of the Group, he was established for communication with the investors. An ad hoc announcement, with which companies have to inform about potentially price-moving news, usually run over the work desk of the financial boss. He often decides whether such messages come to the public or the company’s news for the time being resistant. If he was now influenced, this could be interpreted as a guideline. The Volkswagen property families strong the Easter-rich demonstrative the jerking: "The families Porsche and Piech are unrecorded behind Mr. Potsch," shares Wolfgang Porsche.

Manipulation of consumption values

The Potsch problem could be very expensive for Volkswagen, because the suspicion should be raised, investors had a claim for damages. Nevertheless, this is currently not the big concern of the group. Much graveous could become the case with the illegal test detection for manipulation of consumption values: The US environmental catering CARB has highly rising CO2 values in Audi models with V6 and automatic (the internal "AL 551" mentioned ZF-eight stage gearbox) as soon as the Steering angle 13 degrees exceeds. In addition, the question arises as to whether only V6 engines are affected in some Audi models. The Group has not yet become anxiously.

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