Volkswagen: muller defends his belongings

Volkswagen Group Chef Matthias Muller has defended his temper. There are two reasons for a high salary: the relevance of the company for the economy as well as the risk of carrying as a corporate boss, he said the news magazine mirrors. "As such, one always stands with a FUB in the prison."From his point of view," our salarters were justified in the face of this responsibility ". Such salary debates are a particularly German phenomenon: "The topic is extremely emotional."

Previously, Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer had criticized the salary plus for the VW board. He had expected "after the exhaust scandal years a higher sensitence just the top manager in Wolfsburg," said the CSU politician in the short break. Even Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had shown "astonished".

Mitte Marz had announced Volkswagen that the members of the Volkswagen Group Executive Board for the past year are significantly more salary than in 2016. Overall, the conditions add up to around 50.3 million euros – after around 39.5 million euros a year before. Volkswagen justified the increase above all with good business development. Top earners is Chief Executive Board Muller who got more than 10.1 million euros. One year earlier it was 7.25 million euros. Without equal benefits and pension expenses Muller 2017 came to around 9.5 million euros.

The Group had reformed its system for the financial year 2017 to determine the CEO – after criticism of the high of the population. For example, there is a highest limit of 10 million euros since 2017, for Board members of 5.5 million euros. While the fixed basic funds tend to be raised, the rules for calculating success-dependent bonus payments are strict and oriented partly in the art development. Muller stressed in mirrors, Without the new salary system and according to his old contract, he had earned around 14 million euros last year: "So I have renounced a gross amount."

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