Volkswagen: more investments in e-cars

Volkswagen: more investments in e-cars

Volkswagen wants to speed up the change to the manufacturer of electric cars and has examined his production goals for Dafur. The 27 models of four Group brands, which are designed to start on the basis of the new electric platform, are targeted for the year 2022. This experienced e-mobilitats board Thomas Ulbrich corporate internet, like the dpa learned. It’s about the modular electric drive modular (MEB), the Volkswagen from Monday (17. September 2018) introduced in Dresden. For further processing of Volkswagen-caused exhaust scandals and prevention of artistic misconduct, the company also gives more money into his department for "Integratat and Law".

Ulbrich Kundiger An, around 10 million vehicles from the group brands should be based on the MEB. The first fully electric model of the ID family rolls in the end of 2019 in Zwickau from the band. The location in Saxony is to be expanded with investments of 1.2 billion euros to the first pure E-Auto factory. From Braunschweig should be up to 500.000 battery systems come across. In Salzgitter, a pilot line for the production of battery cells is created.

In the past year, Volkswagen announced in the development of e-cars, autonomous driving, mobility services and digitization should be up to 2022 over 34 billion euros. By 2025, the Group brands bring more than 80 new models with E-engine on the market. By 2030, the model range should be electrified. Group boss Herbert this warned but that the e-strategy could become more expensive than thought. Therefore, you will have to become more efficient: "We need high profits to finance our future."

The "Future Pact" reform program should already bring savings in billions. However, Volkswagen builds the business area "Integratat and Law". "Since the beginning of the year, the Executive Board has also approved for such projects, the compliance, risk management, integration, culture and adjacent facts, also in law, additional funds in the high of around 170 million euros," said the state-owned board Hiltrud Werner of the specialist newspaper Automotive week (Edition of 17. September 2018). In addition, more than 150 other planned bodies were approved. "This makes my field alone here in Wolfsburg to now 540 employees of 255 in early 2017."

The most important single market for Volkswagen is China. There is the production expanded. The company opened with its local partner FAW three new factories in Qingdao, Foshan and Tianjin as well as a component plant in Tianjin. Executive Board Jochem Heizmann said, this strong also the "SUV and electromobilitats offensive" of the Group.

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