Volkswagen: manipulated eleven million cars worldwide

The manipulation of the engine control relates to the latest information from Volkswagen worldwide around eleven million vehicles of its brands Audi and VW. Europe’s high-car manufacturer Knowledge after internal exams today in Wolfsburg a profit warning for the current business year. Already in the third quarter, about 6.5 billion euros were "reduced in profit or loss", striking it. A Volkswagen spokesman explained that this is a precautionary.

Investigations in the Group had shown that it indicates the relevant control software Aauf the prudent level significantly lower exhaust values than in normal driving on the strain.

In a message from Wolfsburg: "Crossed vehicles with motors of type EA 189 with a total volume of around eleven million vehicles worldwide. In accordance with this type of engine, a conspicuous deviation between pruf resistance values and real driving operation was detected."The Group is in contact with the state-owned resistances and the German Federal Corporation Office to eliminate these deviations with technical measures. Motors with this designation are installed in the models of Volkswagen Brands Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW.

In addition to an image loss, VW penalties of up to 18 billion dollars, jerk costs, criminal consequences and potential regression unchanged customers and actions.

Volkswagen had already formed a misconduct and promised to cooperate with the EPO. The Group also relocates a sales stop for the relevant models in the USA.

Board Chief Martin Winterkorn has promised an external examination and a rapid declaration. On Wednesday, the innermost circle of the Supervisory Board wants to work with a crisis meeting with the topic, announced from Volkswagen circles.

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