Volkswagen in china confident

In two years, Volkswagen wants around 400 in China.Sell 000 battery and hybrid vehicles running with electricity and gasoline. In 2025 it should be 1.5 million e-cars per year, said VW-China boss Jochem Heizmann on Tuesday (23. January 2018) in Beijing. The market for electric cars is a market that develops faster in China faster than in Europe thanks to state aid.

The Chinese government has taken a whole series of maws to boost the sale of cars with alternative drives. In coarse dates, such as Beijing and Shanghai, is hardly any new license plates for cars with gasoline engine. Buerners of e-car benefit from state subsidies. In addition, the government in September 2017 prescribed a production rate. According to a point system, ten percent of the manufactured vehicles must therefore have a hybrid drive or a pure electric motor from 2019.

But the strong driver remained popular SUVs in China. Demand was so rough that soon they could make up the half of the total sales. After record buy last year, Volkswagen also expects 2018 with strong growth in China. "We are pretty confident?"Heizmann said. In the next two months, you want to grow at least as fast as the overall market, which according to Heizmann’s expectation similarly, as in the previous year, was allowed to increase by around four percent.

Heated man confirmed that batteries must be purchased for the E cars for Chinese rules in domestic suppliers, and are not enforced from abroad. Western diplomats and industry observers see a trial of Beijing, not only to become world market drivers in the E-Mobilitat, but also dominate the upstream production of batteries. Heizmann "Do not take out" that batteries from China were also planned in E-cars for Germany and other market.

However, as a major "challenge" in China, the Volkswagen board did not see the implementation of the E-Quote, but specifications of the Chinese government for the fuel consumption. According to this, the entire vehicle fleet of a manufacturer from 2020 on average no more than five liters consume 100 kilometers.

In the past year, the Volkswagen Group sold 4.18 million cars on its most important sales market and was thus for the first time in China on the brand of four million vehicles sold. In mid-January, Volkswagen announced to export cars built into other countries for the first time in China for the first time. First vehicles from Chinese fabrication should be delivered to the Philippines in January. Father should follow more countries.

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