Volkswagen: billions investment in networking

With a billion investment in the networking of his cars, Volkswagen wants to deserve the trend of digitization. For this purpose, the previous core business should be added to charging and billing services for electric cars, carsharing or e-commerce offers.

By 2025, 3.5 billion euros should be invested, said the distribution leader of the nuclear brand VW, Jurgen Stackmann, on Thursday (23. August 2018) in Berlin. The cars should convert to "digital termases on them". Technical Ruckgrat for the online Okosystem "Volkswagen We" should become a new digital platform. The Group pages at least one billion euros in sales by 2025, as Stackmann asked. He spoke of a "mega start-up". In addition to cooperations, they are also planned to take over. Details were initially unknown. Also, VW wants to launch a purely electric carsharing offer under the sub-brand "We Share".

The prelude to be in the second quarter of 2019 in Berlin – with a fleet from 1500 E-Golf, Father come 500 e-up. Thereafter, more gross cities should follow with at least one million inhabitants in Germany. From 2020, VW car sharing should be extended to European market as well as selected city in the US and Canada.

In the field, Volkswagen is by no means alone – the competitors Daimler with "Car2go" and BMW with "Drive Now" are the square in Germany. Industry expert Stefan Bratzel called the Volkswagen project a "positive news", car sharing had no priority yet – but a critical coarse is necessary to earn money. The show the merger of the offers of BMW and Daimler. Although Volkswagen "something behind, but it is not too spat".

On the way to digital transformation, Volkswagen has to deal with internet giants like Google and Apple especially. Both offer an alternative to the offers with the smartphone integrations Android Auto and CarPlay, which also build the German manufacturers – including VW – with start-up and own software.

Volkswagen brand strategic chief Michael Jost explained: "To master this development, we have to reinvent the car a stucco new."It is a" giant challenge for a former hardware manufacturer, "Stackmann said. With just one access and the new internet platform, all services should be followed – "I do not need more 50 apps".

For this purpose, the Group wants to launch a much simpler IT architecture in the car – from 2020 in the fully electrical ID model family. Thus, today up to 70 different tax accesses in the car should be dispensed with, instead there should be a few central calculators on which the new operating system "VW.OS "runs. In this way, continuous upgrades and updates may be possible – even without workshop visit. For this purpose, Volkswagen has also completed new handler tribbit in order to contact Kunftig directly with its customers. So far this was reserved for the handlers.

The year 2020 should be "to the turning point for the brand Volkswagen". From then on, Volkswagen wants to network its entire fleet, more than five million new cars "became part of the Internet of Things". The new digital platform can be used with any final device – whether smartphone, tablet, laptop or infotainment system in car – operate. For the services, for example, park or delivery service offers, but the platform should also be open for partners and their software solutions. Also this is a reference to the functionality of Apple and Google app platforms.

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