Volkswagen and sanyo develop lithium-ion batteries

It is a small set with a rough impact: "In addition to more efficient internal combustion engines, we will continue to put in the future on electrically powered automobiles". What VW Chef Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn says, fits the envisions of the last time. Already Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche had surprised in mid-May with clear words: "The path of the auto industry leads to emission-free vehicles". And also Nissan’s qualification, together with NEC lithium-ionic akus, shows that the race receives for efficient electric drives ride.

After on 11. May the Japanese newspaper Nikkei had reported that Volkswagen and Japanese battery manufacturer Sanyo respond to a partnership, Volkswagen today has the tarp. In cooperation, the two companies thus want to develop lithium-ion batteries. According to Martin Winterkorn, the electrification of the drive is the right way to secure the mobility of tomorrow. This is also the promotion of energy. "But as long as there is no powerful memory for energy and the driving operation does not correspond to the needs of customers, the whole thing uses little."

The emission-free ride in pure electricity operation is currently already possible, but still with enrolled speeds and ranges. The more important is the development of new accumulators, which allows for more efficient use in the cars of tomorrow through capacity, gross, weight and cost. The lithium ion technique has the potential to fulfill the special requirements for electrical traction systems in the motor vehicle.

VW had presented the Golf TDI Hybrid in Marz at the Geneva Motor Show, a full hybrid in which the electric drive is combined with a diesel engine. Volkswagen’s wording, however, shows that it is probably also developing models that can drive significant long-range routes in purely electrical operation. Full hybrids in current design, be it parallel or power-up hybrids, are not designed for it. The "Tours of the Customer" were probably not satisfied from a range of minimally 100 km, here also a serial plug-in hybrid in Range-Extender design conceivable – but we let ourselves surprise. Nevertheless, the Group has introduced a concept with the Audi A1 Project Quattro, in which the internal combustion engine is still a major role, which is still 100 km in pure electrical operation.

It is likely that Volkswagen communicates to his hybrid and electric vehicle tarpaulins in a few months. The first "Group vehicles should be possible in 2010", a lot of time is not anymore. VW has apparently hurriedly and trusted not that German or Europe producing manufacturers can supply the urgently needed lithium-ion batteries in good time. Now it is probably about being at the forefront of the turntable in the drive technology.

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