Volkswagen and amazon cooperate

Volkswagen and amazon cooperate

Volkswagen and Amazon have decided a multi-year development cooperation with cloud services. The aim is to build the "Volkswagen Industrial Cloud", with the help of Amazon machines and installations in 122 Volkswagen works worldwide connect worldwide, the company shared on Wednesday (27. Marz 2019). This helps to improve drain and processes in manufacturing to increase the productivity of the works. Volkswagen also cooperates with Cloud Services with Microsoft to network his cars.

Long term should also be the global supply chain of Volkswagen with over 30.000 locations of more than 1500 suppliers and partners will become part of the cloud. With the help of the "Industrial Cloud" Volkswagen aims for uniform software systems for about production planning or storage in the 122 factories. On servers in the network, machines and data should be networked and made accessible by everywhere. So far, the systems differed in parts of location to location. On the other hand, if the data was summarized from all the works, the material flow is easier to control and sailor gourms or troubles to recognize.

Volkswagen had not been announced, until the year 2025, the productivity in the entire production network – Auber China – to increase by 30 percent. Group Chef Herbert This had said in the past week at a business meeting in Wolfsburg, VW is "in the competition comparison in our factories and in the administration slower and less productive". He stressed, "We have to make much more money with our cars to invest in the future. We have to be slimmer, more mobile, faster to hold at the pace of the new competitors."But he also realized that digitization will cost workplaces – also in the administration. But this should be relevant about the age of partial retirement social contract. Also elsewhere, this is based on cooperations, such as the designed partnership with Ford in the construction of small commercial vehicles.

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