Vda: environmentally friendly cars must remain affordable

Matthias Wissmann, Prasident of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), has been pronounced in Stuttgart for a rapid tax demand of environmentally friendly new vehicles and demanded rapid importation of the CO2-based car tax. "The German automotive industry will further significantly improve the environmental friendliness of your vehicles. But that costs money. And only every third customer on the still weak domestic market is ready to accept high vehicle prices for a coarse environmental contractibility of his car. Clean cars must remain affordable. Only economic environmental protection is also effective environmental protection. Therefore, I consider a claim of environmentally friendly vehicles for much more meaningful than further sanctions."

The German automotive industry has demonstrated that sustainable mobility is not a pretent topic, but as a long-term task. So in 2007, the average CO2 outset of the newly authorized vehicles had already been reduced by 2 percent, corresponding to a saving of 120.000 tonnes of CO2. For particularly economical cars with a CO2 value of less than 130 g / km, the German brands increased their domestic sales by 35 percent.

When it comes to connecting okology and the economy, modern clean diesel vehicles are also "unbeatable on foreseeable time". With state-of-the-art diesel technology, nitrogen oxide emissions were reduced by up to 70 percent and rub particles by up to 90 percent – without affecting fuel consumption. In the hybrid drive there is still much to do, especially in battery technology, so Wissmann: "Range, life and space requirements of today’s batteries force us many compromises. And we have learned one thing: our customers are not ready to live with compromises. They want both: environmental friendliness and comfort – and at marketable costs."

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