Us prassident says speech in the british parliament

The visit of Bush in Great Britain takes place under a safety bell, expecting grave demonstrations, via a third of the British Bush finds "stupid"

When US Prasident Bush visits Gobritanni on Tuesday evening on Tuesday evening, the originally intended celebration was allowed to express the fall of the Hussein regime and the democratization of Iraq at best evidently. Bush not only expect demonstrations, the rejection of its policy seems to grow throughout the country. The US prasident returns behind the security measures and has already canned a speech in front of the British Parliament.

The Sunday Times published the results of a survey on Sunday, which make it clear on which mood he has been stobbing in the Great Britain when he was entered into the public. 60 percent of the British surveyed see in Bush a danger of world peace, and 37 percent will find it "stupid". A third says he was "incoherent". No wonder that over 70 percent no confidence in him, that he can loose the situation in Iraq.

The first time a majority (45% counteruber 43%) in a survey believes that the war was wrong against Iraq. And apparently, only a minority believes that the situation could quickly improve in Iraq, while 73 percent ame that they will become worse. 47 percent say, too, the Great Britain should remain an Allies of the United States, but MUSSE will become more independent, 34 percent think the relationship should stay as it is.

The state visit of Bush apparently comes to the wrong time, even though Prime Minister Blair wants to see this differently and see an opportunity in him, freedom, security and one "Better, bleeding and peaceful future" to celebrate Iraq. Bush acted to look forward to the visit, the one "fantastic experience" will be. He’s bad to visit a country, "in which people can say everything they want".

But Bush will rather move in the UK as in the enemy land and far from the public. From the planned demonstrations under the motto "Stop Bush" he was also noticed nothing like from the Peace Save, the London’s Burgermeister plans as counter-event. Above all, it is ensured that Bush is not seen together on pictures with protesters. 5.000 Policemen and safety powers lock part of the city center. The prasident is guarded by hundreds of armed American security forces, allegedly ared, as the British government is ared, no immune. So they should be deferred to responsibility if they violated someone. Of course, there is a flying zone about London, while the stay is British interceptjagers in the air. Some demands such as the overturning of the wind, the installation of bomb-proof windows or a permanently via the Buckingham Palace Circular Hawk Circling Helicopter of the Type Black Hawk refused the Queen.

In addition to a banquet at the Queen, the program sees a meeting with Tony Blair, an encounter with religious from British, the on 11.9. have been killed, and a speech in front of a selected audience. An origionary speech in front of the parliament was canceled by Bush, who wants to bring freedom and democracy to the world, for sure, it could come here to protests from deputies, which was not good on the television screens.

Bush has the British lubrication leaf "Sun" An interview respected, which is also gestable in the United States in the USA (Prez in Topless Tabloid), where he has already no interview or none of none of many serious newspapers. Sun Gehaden Ruppert Murdoch. Its media, especially the TV channel FOX, had supported the war course of the Bush government vehement. Now, at the sake of sowing, house is obviously what you highlight in the Sun:

The Sun Scooped The World With Its Interview With MR Bush – And It Hasn’t Gone Down Well With Our Rivals. The President Has Given No One-on-One Interviews This Year With Major US Papers. When Asked Why He Chose The Sun, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan Told MifMed Reporters: "IT HAS A LARGE Readership."

In the conversation, Bush ares that after the Iraq war the world had become safer and that he was again alone, if this should be necessary to make the world safer.

I What at Ground Zero After The Attacks. I Remember This Haze and the Smells and the Death and Destruction. I’ll Always Remember Thatat. I Made Up My Mind Right Then. We Were At War Were Going to Win the War. And I Still Feel That Determination Today That I Did Then. Presidents and Prime Ministers Should Never Worry About How They Are Viewed in Short-Term History. I Think in Terms of Long-Term History. I Set Big Goals. And I Know What Weome Doing Is Going to Have A Positive Effect On This World.

But Bush is also touted from the Sun in the highest toons:

Hey is not the ignorant, trigger-happy warmonger that protesters wants Claim He is. Bush is Intelligent, Thoughtful and Compassionate Man for Whom was the Last Resort. His Enduring Love Is Peace and the Freedom It Can Bring.

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