Uber starts in hamburg

Uber starts in hamburg

Over now also started in Hamburg. Since Wednesday (17. July 2019) The app was booked over the app, the provider said. The Hanseatic city is beside Berlin, Munchen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main and Koln the sixth city in Germany in which the services were offered. Histored by the intermediaries with car rental companies and taxi operators together, reported a spokesman. One reason for the start is the demand: 2018 had more than 240.000 people in Hamburg tried to book the app ride in the Hanseatic city.

Bay a customer Uberx, he will be transported by drivers working for rental car companies and weighed on a personal release certificate, the speaker said. Booked will be booked at the fixed price. He is about ten to 15 percent under the taxi tariffs. The lower price is justified by a high capacity utilization of vehicles, the speaker said. You lie at about 50 percent.

The intermediary does not like how many vehicles are in use for him: not the absolute number is important, but the fast availability of the cars, argued the speaker. The average waiting time in Berlin on a Uber vehicle is under fun minutes. "A dense network of OPNV, RIDESHARING offers such as above, bikesharing and taxis will convince people of the fact that one’s own car is not always the most effective and environmentally friendly means of transport," said the Uber Germany boss, Christoph Weigler.

The booked car is recognized on the license plate, the driver will be presented with his photo in the app. Even electric cars could be ordered, which is likely to be maintained due to lower availability but a few minutes long, said the speaker. Payment is cashless with credit card or PayPal. In addition, the regular taxi tariff (Ubertaxi) mediated about classical taxis in Hamburg. In Berlin, the mobilitate mediator work together with around 1000 taxis, he shared.

Years ago, it had failed with his original model in Hamburg, because at that time private drivers should be used. This was prohibited in court to continue to enforce the Person Requirement Act with its requirements for the trade.

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