Stuttgart, 13. December 2012 – Daimler AG saw himself met in Mark as the awkward sales figures of the E-Class removed permanently. Now one hopes for an unusual estimated conversion to cancel in the sale again from the competition. The Mark of the Mercedes brand was therefore very comprehensively handled optically. In order to decipher the most important criticisms, the previous double headlights became a unit, the LED daytime running lights, who had always had something lousy in the daily, are now integrated, optional are full-led headlamps relevant. The low beam also works with light-emitting diodes. In addition, the sheet metal folds out of the hind raders no longer relieves as so far in the high of the rear turquets down. Without this optical bond with pummel pontoon blissful limousine and station wagon are supposed to work. The jerk lights were also redesigned. Officially the public is the result on the Detroit Motor Show of 19. to 27. January 2013.

Face depending on the equipment line

For the first time, the E-Class betrayed their equipment line with their grill: in the versions basis and elegance it remains the classic grill with star on the hood, while the Avantgarde the star is integrated into the barbecue. The interior of the E-Class was relatively subtle handled. New are the steering wheels and an automatic election lever on the steering wheel. The latter gives his place on the center console in favor of a rough specialist. The central display in the center console now measures 14.7 centimeters in its diagonal. Alternatively, a multimedia system with 17.8-centimeter display is obvious. As in the S-Class, a central analog clock is now installed via the center console.

Assistance extensions thanks to space vision

For market launch in the year 2013, more assistance systems are available for election. The basis of most new features is the newly developed ability of the sensors to detect the vehicle environment room for space. Among other things, among other things, a spacer control commission, which dominates partial autonomous streak yards. Also conservation is a brake assist with the intersection assistant to recognize cross traffic and fubgangers. Even a self-braking from up to 50 km / h is possible. With certain assistance systems, the E-Class is already taking out equipment, which will be relevant in the next S-Class generation. The chassis has an adaptive steam system. In conjunction with the AMG sports package, a sports suspension is available. The models with V8 engine have an air suspension installed ex works. The T model is degraded at the rear axle with an air suspension with integrated level regulation. New is also an electromechanically supported direct steering, not only because of its savings potential, because it is only necessary for the steering process energy, but also as a prerequisite for the use of assistance systems with steering intervention.

Four Cylinder Ottomotor with Beam-Feeded Direct Injection

Coarent amendment Among the engines, the introduction of a four-cylinder gasoline engine with a layered leaner combustion process, turbo charging and beam-fused direct injection. The unit comes with 184 hp in the E 200 and with 211 hp in the E 250. In both cases, the average consumption amounts to only 5.8 liters despite increased torque. Even more economical is the E 300 BlueTec Hybrid: Only 4.1 liters are available for the diesel electric mix. The extensions of the drive range act completely reasoned, a truly emotional diesel engine will still not exist. The overarched E-Class will come on the market in mid-April 2013. The prices should remain largely unnecessary. Currently the E-Class is from around 40.000 EURO.

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