Two million fap systems

Two million fap systems

Peugeot celebrates a Jubilaum: Since the market import of around seven years ago, PSA Peugeot Citroen has been exactly 2 to the end of June 2007 worldwide.048.859 vehicles with the rub particle filter system FAP brought to the strain. The FAP system prevents almost complete the output of rub particles in the environment.

For FAP, the rub particles are collected in a filter element and burned regularly. The "FAP Success Story" started in 2000 with the importation of the Peugeot 607 HDI FAP 135. With this vehicle, Peugeot worldwide was the first manufacturer with a series-mabigic rubber particulate filter system FAP. Meanwhile, the system is offered in almost all series of the brand, from the small car models 1007 and 207 on the compact and middle class to the family VAN 807, the new SUV 4007 and even in the commercial vehicle series Expert – series-mabig and no extra charge.

Success and criticism are close together
When FAP came to the market in 2000, it was partly criticized that there was an additive for rubber reduction, and the filter element according to about 80.000 km (from 2002 already 120.000 km) will be exchanged. The criticism also came from the competition, which developed filter systems without an additive, but it could not yet offer. Thanks to the continuous development of the additive with the designation "Eolys" and improved filter technology, the maintenance intervals have become significantly longer: the "runtime" up to the necessary filter change today is according to Peugeot 180.000 km, with some models even 210.000 km.

The Additive Eolys allows to reduce the necessary exhaust gas temperature for burning the rube, which has accumulated in the filter, to about 450 ° C. The other systems established today in the market work without an additive, with them a temperature of at least 550 ° C is necessary, which is achieved in accordance with a changed fuel injection. Finally, there are still the so-called "open filters" as a decrease solution, in which neither an additive still "internal motor macers" help – but also more than the half of the rube pass.

Beginning with a piece, which seems self-consuming today
For a "well-made marketing" when the FAP was partially called in his early days, it has been astonishingly well developed. One may argue whether a particle filter system is better with or without additive, but one thing is certain: Peugeot has established a functioning particle filter system in the market and thus accelerating the market maturity of competitive systems.

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