Tunisia: “yes, we really can”

After the escape of the tyrant: the social protest in the Arab country has reached one of its coarse targets

After a futile detour to Paris and some Mediterranean stations, Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali has settled in a zigzag flight to Saudi Arabia. France did not want to record him, only his daughter. Whether he like Idi Amin, who has dwelled in 1979 in the Saudi Konigreich, will stay there until his death?

The answer is not so minor, as it has the first appearance. For the fled state prosident is officially not advanced and this formalism can have quite serious political consequences for the next future of the country, as the British journalist Brain Whitacker exports the action of action and legitimity of the Interim Government is enhanced – if you stop the emergence , Wofur talks much in the opposite chaos.

In the most deplistic case, so Whitacker, for Ben Ali remains open to use the Tunisian crisis in Saudi Arabia, while his "governor", the Interim State Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi, which is designed in Ben Alis’s senses. This may be the option to calculate with the Ben Ali. In any case, Saudi Arabia have the possibility to manipulate Tunisian politicians in the background.

[Update: The strike council has named Foued Mbazaa for Interim Prasident. Thus, a return Ben Alis is excluded, writes liberation]

Police and plunder

Speculation, hottest and cheering mix the day after the flee of the tyrant. Destruction and plunners of large supermarkets, especially the French carrefour, casino and Geant, have set the residents of the pre-fear in fear, reported Nouvel Observator. The magazine mentions suggested, which circulates on Twitter in several variations – also with pictures that show plunderers who haul their prey into a police car.

The masked bulldess bands are supposed to be of copies of policemen, militionies and criminals that were deliberately released to nehren panic and chaos. In fact, so the magazine report, a source in the army had confirmed that the detained plunders were the angrimated part of policemen and detained from the detention of criminals.

During the army as a loyal of the population is considered – which has certainly helped that the Autocrat could no longer hold – the police are seen as a brutal arm of the regime Ben Ali. Not without reason: a coarse part of the dead in the riots is unlikely to the account of certain police units. The message of the acts of violence and pliers is clear: "We are still there and no rule bound."

In which direction goes Tunisia?

The proposal of a government of national unity was placed on the table from the reconciliation of government to yesterday’s revenue resolution. How the power balance between the remaining pencils of the old regime, the opposition – previously banned parties and unions -, and the protest movement is currently not foreseeable.

An indication of what direction the policy of Tunisia takes place immediately after the escape Ben Alis could deliver those names that the political scientist in Canadian exile, abdallah rihani Nawaat.org Name: Mohammed Abbou and Radhia Nasraoui, the social movement was recognized in them.

How the protest movement and its demands in the art politics will find in Tunisia is very closely monitored by many. She made something that is unique in Arab countries.

As the catering industry Ben Alis has worked, as unrestrained and raffle the family enriched, it also has a Wikileaks Cable, the French newspaper Le moonspublished again today: "The land is obvious."

Influence on other Arabian countries?

How the effect on other Arabian countries will look like, that will now work many. Even if Tunisia is a special case with its specific political peculiarities, politicians in other Arab countries were allowed to think two things: that only under construction of growing and ever-increasing tensions of social assistance lies over and the power of the apparatus, including Intelligence, but can show limited – depending on where the army is.

And for the second thing: that the wheel does not stop on or back on whenever a particular political awareness is in the openness and discloses the obsolete, only repressive, on the rule system. Simpler: The Tunisian events of the last days and weeks are also debated by the population elsewhere. In the long run, this is not without effect.

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