Trump: in half a year a trillion more sovereign debt

Trump: in half a year a trillion more sovereign debt

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Of the "KONAL THE LEGARY", The burden on the household with higher rusts and its tax reform can operate until Marz 2019 without a debt cap

US Prassident Donald Trump had already hugged to be a master in debt (Trump: "I am the Konig of Debt"To). It is strongly spent more money, especially for the rust. Low savings, especially in the social area, are opposed to contributing tax reliefs especially for the rich, which are also criticized by the conservative side as a debt. Although Trump is also responsible for the Radical Republicans, for example, the Tea Party Movement, which demand the small state and the reduction of public debt. Trump had always criticized the rising public debt under Obama.

In October, TRUMUMS threw himself, he made the debt caused by Obama by his policy. "In the eight years, they lent more than in the whole history of our country. They lent more than 10 trillion US dollars, right? And we have just raised the boral value by 5 trillion US dollars. … so you can say in such a way, we increase the values and reduce debts."

During the Prasid Session Obamas, state debt has actually increased from € 10.6 trillion to € 19.9 trillion, an average of € 1.2 trillion. However, these are the fake news of Trump, the sovereign debt has nothing to do with the boral values. In addition, Obama has taken the problems of the financial crisis that began in the Bush’s time.

It is clear that the debt with the Trump policy continues to grow, from a debt reduction was never talking to him. The debt brake (sequestration) introduced by the Republicans 2011, which provides for an automatic expenditure stop, if not the Congress increases the debt cap, was not met under Trump, but had to be increased twice in Marz and in September 2017, not to the state Stop.

In September 2017, the sovereign debt had exceeded the 20 trillion mark, so the debts had increased more slowly than during the Obama Prassidel. But it did not last long to change the picture. In the last six months, government debt increased by a trillion US dollar to 21 trillion.

Thus, Trump holds Obama, who preserved the record during the 2009 recession and 2010, nevertheless it is already a historical increase in a time of economic growth. The tax rays have not yet come to validity that the debt will continue to drive up, even if they should push the economy a little bit. Even before, in 2017, tax revenues had risen only 1 percent, but expenditure by 3 percent, such as Fred Pietrangeli, the director of the Office of Debt Management found at the end of October.

In February, Trump was able to put into force a suspension of the debt ceiling, during which he almost at the same time "Roughed tax reform in American history" brought on the way. Until Marz 2019, there are no restrictions on debt anymore. On the day of signing, the state debt jumped down 175 billion US dollars in the high after the upper limit had been set to € 20.494 trillion in December. There was apparently fast catching up. It is expected that with the new freedom, against which many of the Republican deputies have been revitalized and that’s why the upper limits regulating had been introduced, to new debt capades.

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