Triple number of coronavirus dead in italy?

Triple number of coronavirus dead in Italy?

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Italy officially indicates that so far more than 26.000 people died of coronavirus, but it was possible to be much more

Every evening, Italian civil protection gives the new Coronavirus pandemic data around 18.00. On Saturday 415 dead was conceded. Accordingly, the total number of 26 should.384 have risen. The number of actively infected sank compared to the previous day of 106.527 to 105.847. There were still 21.533 Covid-19 diseases in hospitals, including 2.102 patients in the intensive care unit. Again, there is another relaxation, there are 71 less than the day before. In the infection center Lombardy there was again 103 dead, but it was the day before 166.

Above all, the number of dead is also in Italy, as in the other coronavirus epicenter Spain, highly controversial. Because it is known that in the official numbers in both countries the dead from alder and care homes usually remain as little few – unlike in France – like the people who died at home and not determine the lack of test.

In the Lombardy, in some communities, it has been possible in the comparison in the same mortal data that the real number of the dead must be significantly higher, which many dead simply have not been tested or become. What was found locally by doctors and burger masters have now translated researchers to the entire country. So Daniele del Re have examined from the University of Sapienza in Rome and Paolo Meridiani, researchers at the National Institute for Nuclear Physics, the Italian figures more accurate.

They conclude that the real number of the dead could be three times as high as they are officially announced. They have compared published data of civil protection with the published death figures from city archives. In the terminals, the numbers of all the deceased appear and for the two researchers have resulted in coarse disagreements.

Meridiani and del Re used data of the Italian statistics estate (ISTAT) from nearly 1700 municipalities in their investigation in their investigation in the period of 1. Marz to the 4. April, according to ISTAT, represent a representative selection in terms of Italian population. So the growth in the number of death trap in some bads compared to others very different. In Bergamo, for example, one of the epicentrums of the pandemic, she tripled, during the increase in Rome is only small.

The two researchers speak exemplary that not all additional dead must be Coronavirus-dead, because it also given people who did not dare to the hospital because of other complaints, as they were afraid to score oneself. In addition, due to surcharge of the health system, operations or other medical maws had been delayed in some regions, which is why mortality is therefore also allowed to have increased. In this regard, a briefed by the Italian society for cardiology is also a survey. It revealed that throughout the country since the outbreak of the pandemic, the number of people indicated because of heart attack to the hospital has been reflected by 50%. A distortion of the data is also available in the other direction that address the two researchers. Because the number of traffic totes and the number of dead work has been massively reduced because of Lockdown.

Uberstorth in contradiction to official numbers

Too very similar results such as the two researchers also include an investigation of other five Italian researchers who find a clear surprises in different regions, but also also see a clear contradiction to the numbers officially conducted as Covid-Tote. In the comprehensive investigation, Enrico Bucci, Luca Leuzzi, Enzo Marinari, Giorgio Parisi, Federico Ricci Tersenghi show that, for example, in Lombardy alone, a surprise between the 23. February and the 4. April of 15.600-15.800 exists, but only 8905 of this are officially considered CoronavirusTote. If this was 57% more in Lombardy, it was even 65% more in Emilia Romagna, in Milan 64% and in Piacenza even 71%.

If you look at the numbers in France, where honestfully, the dead in old and nursing homes (Ehpad) are reported, then shows that France is now 22.614 Coronavirus dead. Of these are good 14.000 died in hospitals and additionally almost 8600 in homes. In view of the findings of the Italian researchers and the figures from France, you can roughly override in Italy and Spain about 60% to the official numbers published in both countries.

Then France is currently not there, Spain at the total number of dead in Europe the 2. Pause, because Spain gives off 23.190 dead. If you pay here again 60%, you are at a number of good 37.100. So in Italy that was already good 42.200. In Spain, however, the 60% was allowed to be more too low on how to show data from different regions. Because the numbers, which are considered from there to the Ministry of Health, are not taken to the official Spanish statistics.

Thus, the government-related newspaper El Pais noticed that the capital region Madrid already the ministry already 13.911 Coronavirus dead reported, but diving in the official Spanish statistics with 7.577 only good on the half. 6334 fall under the table, of which almost 5600 from homes. In this case, the dead were included, which died in their apartments. Still Krasser are raised the numbers from Catalonia in Madrid. Catalonia is currently paying 9.646 coronavirus-dead.. In the official Spanish statistics with 4566 but not even half paid.

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