Treat german and turkish right-wing extremists equal

Treat German and Turkish right-wing extremists equal

Of the "Wolfsgrub" The BozkurtCular. Photo: Leash sampling lock. License: CC0

Deputies from Union and SPD want to bring the Federal Government on a Bundestag decision to prefix a ban on gray wolf

At 4. November The French Minister of Interior Ban the Bozkurtcular, the "Gray Wolfe (cf. France prohibits Gray Wolfe), which there is also in Germany. Here you have organized yourself in Ulku Ocakları, in "Idealist clubs". For a ban on these clubs, the Federal Interior Ministers were state. However, despite numerous political murders and join Bozkurtcular in Turkey, they did not see any necessary action.

Now Bundestag members from Union and SPD want to bring the current Federal Minister Secretary of Horst Seehofer in an unusual step that he deals with the problem: the information of the daily newspaper the world after you will bring in the next week a request that the Federal Government formally for the examination of a Ulku -Werries. Marian Wendt, a domestic politician of the CDU, charged the request that Turkish right-wing extremists in Germany should be treated as well as Germans.

Ali Utlu: Fight against right-wing extremists should not fail to fear of racism

Similar view shows the Ali Utlu from Telepolis from the Central Council of Ex-Muslims, which pays the most famous voices on Twitter in Germany. Right-wing extremism will in his opinion "right by politics and the agents pursued":

Unfortunately, this is only valid only German right-wing extremists. The Turkish Gray Wolfe could build a right-wing extremist organization in Germany in this shadow, which is now the biggest in Germany. This organization is a fire, because it does not shake back to threaten turkey and Erdogan critics in Germany not only verbally, but also mostly spirit. I too was connected to them verbally and beaten in front of my home tour, because in their eyes, in their eyes through my Erdogan criticism as ‘Fatherlandsververrater’. It is long ago that politics wakes up. Paris did it, now I hope for Berlin. Because the fight against right-wing extremists must not be imposed in Germany – from fear of fear to be exposed to racism-prompted (Ali Utlu to Telepolis)


Of the opposition parties, the Proven’s proof of Union and SPD has rather resisted to expect little resistance, among others Cem Ozdemir, among other things, Cem Ozdemir calls for a Ulkuculer ban, in the Left Party Sevim Dagdelen – and the AFD launched its own prohibition template a year ago.

According to the political scientist Burak Copur, however, the Gray Wolfe try to hike German parties. A politician that this reproach was made concretely is Sevket AVCI from the CDU in Duisburg. He is not only able to see photos with Ulkuculer (what he explained with his second role as an integration council chairman of the Ruhrgebietstadt), but also owners of the basic piece, on which the movement meets there. however, attend his lawyer AVCI, he is not in their "more political", but reject them "on the contrary".

Erdogan’s majority procurer

The Bozkurtcular are considered militant opponents of ethnic and religious minorities in Turkey, but are not necessarily Jihadists. In the terrorist attack of an IS attachment in Vienna, the Turke Mikail O helped., the on Facebook with the in Austria forbidden "Wolfsgrub" the gray wolf posed, along with his compatriot recep tayyip g. a shot policeman and a woman to bring himself safe, holding himself slightly.

As a east-rich media then the photo with the wolf grub discovered, O said., he has "nothing to do with those [sic] gray wolfen" – and G. Posted, he was "No gray wolf trail [SIC]", but Moge "Only [S] a [p] rasident". With this politician, after which his father named his father, talked. the day after the attack and offered him to kiss the hand "If Allah wants that and [Erdogan] that allows".

Erdogan and The Gray Wolfe must not be a contrast: after all, the Turkish parliamentary MHP, which is considered a political arm of the organization, is the majority procurer of the Turkish ruling party AKP. And after the banned of the gray wolf in France, the Turkish Aufemister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced that Turkish state authorization will now "How decided how possible" Respond to protect the freedom of expression and assembly of the Turken in France.

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