To the beatification of agnes gonxha bojaxhiu, alias mother teresa

How could a fanatic opponent of abortion and tining, which systematically worn her and veiled in the nature of her work, existed in front of the critical media of the free world?

Christopher Hitchens called her as "Media". Critical reports about your work you have to look with the magnifying glass. Hundreds of books have been written about them, life councilors for Christians and non-Christians, works with titles like "A life for the stewed", "The sacred of Calcutta", "Mother without fear and blame" and "The power of love".

Media, every German Schuler learns in politician education, have a planning order and claim. Free of totalitarian control and censorship drill, make critical questions also to the seemingly inviolable, on "the up there" just, protect us from power abuse and manipulation. Media, so every German youth learns the next kiosk, bring headlines like "Michelle Hunziker: She wish you 2. Child from the new" or "Roy drama much worse: his brain destroyed?".

To the beatification of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, Alias Mother Teresa

Ambulance like these were the "Missionaries of the last love" donated by Calcuttas city administration. After Aroup Chatterjees research, however, they serve primary as "Nun taxis", are rarely used between the homes between the homes, and never for the answer to emergency calls.

In fact, despite a gigantic amount of media products, there are relatively few journalists who independently research: scarce linehonor, specifications from above and multiple filter levels in the editors use investigative work tight boundaries. The coarse magazines can afford it, for one "Top story" spend a lot of money – but what is such a story, the editor-in-chief decides.

The story about the connections of German top politicians "Pr-consultant" Moritz Hunzinger became before the star she brought and thus Rudolf Scharpings Case, two years offered various media – all leaned. And after a short flash thunderstorm, the case quickly disappeared from the public consciousness. the "Parliamentary evenings" and "political salons" In which Hunzinger politicians summarizes with business elites, exactly so little questioned how it will become the quotum elite summits of the Bilderberger. And as the mirror on the different intelligence theories to the 11. September reported, he did it under the title "Panoptic of absurd" — To show all the crowded in your barriers. Very unethainted, the magazine even provides an English translation of the entreatment story.

Media critic like Noam Chomsky for a long time that one of the main functions of classic mass media is not the detection of truths, but her hardening. This can be realized by direct incorrect information as you z.B. from Forbes and the Wall Street Journal Uber Michael Moores movie "Bowling for Columbine" have been spread. 1 In most cases, it is happening on the weighting of certain facts and opinions – comparing the reporting of the reporting on Dieter Bohlens literary works with the attention to the landline situation in Angola or human rights in Saudi Arabia. Sometimes, however, certain perspectives are ignored all over.

A star is born

A systematic distortion of reality with almost complete lapping of critical analysis must be diagnosed in the case of Mother Teresas if you study your life’s work properly. The media history of the blessed Albanine starts with the British Malcolm Muggeridge — "Without him, the world may never learned about Mother Teresa", wrote the death after her death Catholic Times on 12. October 1997. Muggeridge, a fanatic conservative, who for sacular liberalism for "The biggest of all destructive made" held, obedient to the "Congress for Cultural Freedom" sponsored journalists. This was a CIA organization that should establish a pro-American counterculture for communism in Europe. In addition to one "non-communist left" The abstract art and the "postmodern" Thinking as socially irrelevant expressions of liberal left financially required. (The standard work on the topic is "Who pays the bill… The CIA and the culture in the Cold War" of Frances Stonor Saunders.To)

Muggeridges work at the Teresa project began in 1968 with a BBC interview. The Nun Teresa born in Albania was still quite modestly modest her house of dying in Calcutta – by no means an innovative project, there were comparable institutions in Calcutta but long before Teresas birth. The operation was minimal in its ejector as well as in medical care. Orphans were supplied with food, dying got a roof over his head. The whole thing became and is operated in the classical Catholic style – the sisters receive no significant medical education, for that there is secret baptisms of dying. In comparison z.B. to the Indian Ramakrishna mission, which also operates libraries and schools, or the American "Assembly of God" Mission, which distributes 18,000 meals every day, is Teresas Order today a drop on the hot stone.

For the fundamentalist Muggeridge, however, Mother Teresa was the figure he needed to spread his ideology worldwide. Supporters for Dafur he found especially in the USA. In 1969 Muggeridge produced the documentation together with the director Peter Scherer "Something Beautiful for God", An international book bestseller with the same title followed. Legendar is the documentation due to the claim Muggeridges, you have the movies in Teresa’s home "photographic miracle" Held – the gentle light in the darkness is technically unacceptable. Only in 1994 Kameramann Ken Macmillian had tried a new film by Kodak. "When we saw the final movie, I wanted to raise the cheers on Kodak, but Muggeridge stopped me away. .. On the same day, I’ll get all these calls because of the ‘Wunder’ in Calcutta."2

In the US, the religious right mother Teresa celebrated, which in turn began making their rejection of contraceptives and abortions. Influential Protestants like Billy Graham and Catholics like William F. Buckley, Jr. The flogged word checked by the "Living saints", the "the poorest of the poor" in Calcutta from the starred collected (a claim that was experienced by Teresa but often was repeated thankfully).

Already in 1971 Muggeridge Mother Teresa prophesied the Nobel Prize, as well as her early sanctification has been predicted for a long time before her death. Increasingly, Teresa developed from the nun to the media figure, traveled around the world to various international temperatures as well as in liberal circles present pregnant of the pope. Every politician she met asked them for intervention against abortion, pill and condom. After two failed start-up, the Nobel Prize was awarded in 1979 as a result of a well-financed campaign, and she took the opportunity to present her political platform to the world substitute:

But I believe that the coarse destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is an immediate war, an immediate totung, an immediate murder by the mother itself. (…) Today abortion is the big bose, the big opponent of peace. We who we are here today were wanted by our parents. We were not here if our parents did not want us.

We want children, and we love them. But what about the other millions. Many are concerned about the children, like those in Africa dying in gross number, either hungry or from other reasons. But millions of children deliberately die, through the will of their mother. Because if a mother can die her own child, which prevents us to dead oneself to ourselves, or each other? nothing.

Unusual words of a woman whose self-renewed task was supposed to relieve the suffering of the world. But in the coming years, another picture of Teresa should crystallize: An agent of the pope that does not reject human suffering, but it celebrates and demands. While Mother Teresa became the Darling of the Rights and was also courted by Liberals such as the Clintons and Princess Diana, the media eagerly played the game.

A myth breaks

The first scratches on the picture Mother Teresas was the British documentation "Hell’s Angel" by Christopher Hitchens (1994), the 1995 the 100-page pamphlet "The missionary position" followed. Both generators essentially the same premieges in a very polemic way. The book lacks source documents, but the facts contained therein are generally undisputed – due to the style and the single-chief role Hitchens’, however, it was relatively easy to ignore the criticism. In fact, a gross part of Hitchens’s work on the research of the Great Britain Indian Aroup Chatterjee, who visited and filmed Mother Teresa’s operations interviewed, interviewed and tested the response of nuns on certain forelament. This year now Chatterjee’s book has been published, next to which Hitchens work as a school attachment.

The Final Verdict, which can be downloaded in the full text on the page of the publisher, is a Uber 400 pages strong and complete source documented billing with Teresa’s life’s work. In addition, Chatterjee was directly involved in the proliferation process and sent his entries to the state authorities in the Vatican. He was even invited to a question-answer session with a laity program to Teresas "holiness" to judge. Of course, his entries had no influence on the reserve process, and Chatterjee did not receive the churchmen by no means to cancel the process: "Of course, when I run a business, I was sent to my best sellers in the race."

To the beatification of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, Alias Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa in Bhopal 1984. Their only answer to the industrial disaster, which demanded at least 3000 lives: "Forgive, forgive!" For the West a typical Teresa answer – for the Indians a provocation.

In addition to Chatterjee, after Teresa’s death, some publications also dug a little deeper. in the star appeared on the 10. September 1998 The article "Take is blissful?. Mother Teresa: Where are your millions?" by Walter Wullenweber, who examined the financial situation of the Order (English version).

From the myth of modest saints, after consultation of the present information, not much remains much. Hitchens sees in Teresa especially the satisfaction of the requirement, to believe that "anyone" around the poor people Kummert – you do not have to do it yourself. In fact, the myth is above all the result of a consporation of silence in the western media. Chatterjees book has been largely ignored so far, and although he offers anyone who asks, videos, tonbander and other documentation of his research. Like the Hunzinger Story, the truth about Agnes Bojaxhiu is a story that does not sell well.

Again 10 years ago, the consporation of silence had to be continued. But the internet offers knowledge all those who want to know. So Chatterjees book is linked to humanistic websites – and of course in the Wikipedia article about Mother Teresa. In common, one or the other Catholic will not be able to avoid confrontation with the realitat, because a Google search for "mother Teresa" Follow on the first page a link to the German-speaking website operated by nies atheists of Kalkutta’s death-speaking website:

Teresa and the poor

But what is the dark truth about Mother Teresa? If she also had other political views than the politically correct mainstream, she was not basically a kind-hearted and honest helper of the poor? Chatterjee documents that Teresa has systematically lied in the media on the nature and the emission of their work, while in the realitat their staff demanded death rather than evidenced and helped to ignore themselves, even if they came from the next close.

For crises on the subcontinent Teresas Order plays practically no role anyway. In chapter 11, Chatterjee compares the missionaries of the following love with the Ramakrishna mission according to various criteria. So z.B. In the reaction to crises and catastrophes – he pays up 16 events of recent years, in all cases Ramakrishna has done help, in no Teresas Order involved. Often the "Living saint" During gross catastrophes in their second adhesion home, Rome, in the United States, or on international anti-abortion tour. Even her spiritual adviser Edward Le Joly, author of the unfavorable hagiographies over Teresa, remarked in 1986 in a conversation with a sister that Teresa "absent" may be. Several attempts from Princess Diana to meet Teresa in Calcutta failed because they were never there – so the meetings took place in Rome and New York.

While she was whine, as terrible it was to be away from the suffering calcuttas, she must secretly hated the city in which contraceptives and abortions are easily affected – she had never liked it from the suffering of the suffering of the suffering "unborn life" Talking can, without at least verbal to be geden as Chatterjee noticed. A real lynch murder she already came closer than in December 1984 to the Bhopal industrial print, in which so many people were moved, as in the WTC attacks, only to say: "Forgive, Forgive." (Forgive, forgive.) Neither she nor her Order played a significant role in the supply of the victims – even in the western media, which reproduces all press releases uncritical.

Your real attitude to the suffering of the poor was best expressed in an interview in Washington 1981. When asked if you have the poor to bear your destiny, she replied: "I believe that it is a very nice thing when the poor accept your lot, sharing it with the suffering of Christ. I believe the suffering of poor people is a rough help for the rest of the world." Who irritates this logic, which should be in mind that the symbol of the underlying religion is a directional instrument.

In this way, the poor medical care, the non-administration of painkillers is, etc. just consistently. Dr. Robin Fox, editor-in-chief of the British Medical Journal The Lancet, Described in the edition of the 17. September 1994 his observations in one of Mother Teresa’s homes and could not resist criticism: "Investigations, I was told, are rarely allowed. How were it with simple algorithms with whom sisters and volunteers can distinguish the curable from the incurable ones? Again no. Such systematic approaches are foreign to the ethos of the homes. Mother Teresa Preferred the Providence of Planning, its rules should prevent a currency towards materialism." According to Chatterjee, the reaction of the Teresa fans took normal work for days, and he regretted to have ever lost a critical word about Teresa.

Mother Teresa himself always emphasized how important it was to treat the poor with the simplest means. The fascinating thing is not that she believed in it, but that the western media of these mondical healing teaching uncritical reproductions. The wanted non-discrimination between healable and incurable patients in combination with lack of disinfection of syringes and other tools (if present and above all) is all about infections and avoidable death traps. The hippocratic oath is just a pagan invention. But Teresa always emphasized how important for them "beautiful death" may be. Is a schooner death a painless death? Of course not – one of Teresas’s favorite ankdotes was the woman dying on cancer. "Jesus cloves you", She explained the woman who suffered rough pain. "Then tell him he should stop to kiss me", Should the woman have answered. Such stories are always good in Catholic circles for a smile.

Teresa’s world

In view of this, you have to be almost glad that Teresas Order does not collect the sufferers in droves of the straws, as they had also claimed in their Nobel Prize speech. Although the Order has ambulances, these are with sofas "Nun taxis" has been converted, in which even chicken for the quiesome nuns-fest to be transported – they do not serve patient transport. Chatterjee has proven in numerous samples in the sisters that callers are referenced to the homes only on the regular emergency call (who does not speak English, which applies to a rough part of the poor, can not communicate with most of the religious workers anyway). Even the nuns are by no means on the way to pick up people from the straws – instead, the patient will be wulfed on the door when they have relatives, and be so far away or removed.

The emission of their operations has continuously reduced Teresa. She spoke of 4000, in the next year of 9,000 people who were eating daily in Calcutta. Chatterjee, who has filmed the soup cakes for several days, estimates the total number of 300 times in Calcutta. Partial food cards are required whose acquisition is complicated ("The few Catholic families in Dnarapara .. have all cards", noticed Chatterjee dry). The numbers were never questioned by the media.

Elsewhere they circulated fantasy numbers like "61273 Babies", which had not been born because Mother Teresa "natural teeth" Teaching (the so-called. "Calendar method", which is allowed to Catholic doctrine because it requires partial abstinence). In fact, the arms of the poor in Calcutta, as well as in other Catholic territories, should learn to calculate calendar when they have sex. This extremely uncovered method is allowed – during the use of rubber murder of potential life. In addition, so the official Catholic line, rubbers are uncomfortable (cf. A hole is in the condom). Natural contraception is safe and reliable, condoms are life tenders and do not work: With this propaganda, the church calls for hunger, illness and mass mortality, where poverty and Catholicism meet – and Mother Teresa was time of her life fanatical deputy of this ideology. Their Order, who is in tatig around the world, often involves no charitable function, as Chatterjee detects in Chapter 7 – instead are the nuns z.B. in Papua Neu-Guinea for the conversion of the natives state.

Against condoms she preached as sharp as against abortion whenever she was in political mission. It is almost committed to determine that they also held abortion in cases of mass rape and incest for absolutely inadvertent and internationally lobbying for appropriate laws.

The unborn life was just important to her – what she held from born life made it clear in 1981 during a visit to Haiti. "Mrs. Prasidentine, the country vibrates in the face of her life’s work", Leave them against the wife of the dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Dancing. The purpose sanctified the funds that your Order received from the junta.

Teresa’s millions

Money, of which Teresa could never get enough. The former Order Sister Susan Shields set in her article Mother Teresa’s House of Illusions: "The money came fast. The postman often delivered the letters into sacks. We regularly welcomed checks over $ 50,000 and more." But where the money remained, Shields did not know – at the modest ratios in the Order did nothing, yes, the order of order spoke strictly, on the other hand, the money for the acquisition z.B. to use new medical devices. Even bread for the poor in the New York Bronx, where Shields worked, was not bought. Within a year, 50 million dollars were spooled to the Order’s account according to Shieldd.

However, the sisters have strict instructions to operate any exact booking, and the financial situation of the Order is unclear. Sure is: It’s a billion business. In addition to numerous highly doped prices, Teresa received million donors of partly highest fragile design, so z.B. The Betrugger Charles Keating, once one of America’s most prominent anti-pornography combat. Keating was because of his role in the Savings Loan financial scandal sentenced to 12 years of prison. Mother Teresa sent a letter to the judge and begged for grace – so you return to old friends. The prosecutor responded as a private person and asked Teresa for the return of money that Keating has spent some people from people from very poor relapses, people who were brought to their entire savings and their future. Teresa did not answer.

Mother Teresa with the Finanzbetruger Charles Keating, who had made a million donation to her Order. After keatings conviction, Teresa for his freezing. She never gave the money back.

The general explanation for the millions of keatings is, the man wanted absolution. But that is credible? Why also supported America’s Protestants Teresa’s triumph with money and media? Of the star Speculated in his article about Teresa’s millions, the money land simply on accounts of the Vatican: "And what happens to funds on the Vatican Bank is so secret, that does not even know the love of God." The scandals of the Vatican Bank and their involvement in cash, drug trafficking and everything that is profitable are Legion (Italian "Business people" tried in vain, the movie "God’s bankers" to ban the CALVI death from the cinemas. And which organization were better suited for money sowing than Mother Teresas Order, whose holiness and good by no one may be questioned? If you are still taking Muggeridges documented connections to the CIA, you do not have to be a conspiracy theorist to see more than just a naive old woman with little idea of accounting.

Teresa’s wonder

Back to the reality. To officially make the beatification of Teresa, a posthumous had miracle. That was found in the small town of Dangram quickly, in the form of the poor Indian, Monica Besra. One year after the death of the Order’s mother, the woman with abdominal pain had turned to the sisters. A medallion of the good nun has solved her problem in the NU – a tumor in the abdomen was miracle healed. Monthly, the husband protested against this version of the story: "My wife was healed by the doctors and not through a miracle." In fact, Besra had previously been in the hospital. "This miracle statement is absolute nonsense and should be damned by everyone", Does the doctor say Ranjan Kumar Mustafi, who treated Besa. "She had a medium gravity in her abdomen caused by tuberculosis. The medicine she was given reduced the cystic mass until she disappeared after one year." One should know that Mother Teresa among Kolkutta’s intellectuals are not all too rough popularity.

But for a good cause, one can also spend money once, and at least the opinion of the husband has changed in good time before the beatification. "It was [Mother Teresas] Wunder Healing, which helped my wife. Now my children and I get a training with the help of the nuns, and I could afford to buy a small stucco land. Everything has changed to the better." With a bit of PR training, SELKU Murmu certainly learns that he does not necessarily narrate this part to the reporters.

Who says, Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu is a controversial saint, does not know the history of the Catholic Church. You do not just have to look at holy and blessing speakers from young time, such as Z.B. The Josemaria Escriva, the Grunder of Ultra-Orthodox Prere Group Opus Dei, or the blessing of Archbishop Stepinac of Zagreb, which supports the Croatian Ustasha fascists in the murder of 350,000 Serbs. Otto of Corvin wrote in Pfaffenpiegel 1845 from the "love, good saints", according to their main performance of Corvin, in the vacuum of their own lust with the help of various forms of self-stranding up to castration. In addition, the first saints mainly worked out to erode the hated paganism. The Holy Nicholas of Myra, now known today for his Coca-Cola outfit, destructed numerous pagan temples of Heidengottin Diana – his holiday is the 6. December, randomly Diana’s birthday. Also st. Martin destroyed many temples and hacked as far as religious dear baes. And the Holy Kyril of Alexandrien ordered or tolerated the brutal murder of pagan scholars Hypatia 415. So known was Hypatia that even Christian scholars like Socrates Scholasticus praised them in the highest toning as a beautiful, way, virtuous woman.

To loose hypatia from the collective thought, the church invented a new saint: Katharina of Alexandrien. More than 100 years before Hypatia should this "Smart, Hub’s and very self-confident young woman" (Fanseite) in Alexandrien Heiden to Christianity have converted and have been murdered brutally. Since there is no document for their existence, it was deleted from the general Roman calendar in 1969. Six centuries long she was one of the most popular saints of all, and many Christians honor them today. It’s just a beautiful story.

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