Tirade against the “dysfunctional life style” of divorced and unmarried

The Conservative Members have ceased in the British Parliament marriage as the true form of life and condemned the high divorce rate that cost billions of taxpayers

In a scarce times, politicians occasionally come on grotesque ideas, as is the case in the UK. Tory deputies are obvious about the high rate of divorces in the country, which were made by the taxpayer equal dozens of billions of pounds a year, expected Sir Gerald Howarth, a former Minister of Defense, and demanded the openness, but also the bishofs Parents who divorce to criticize.

Tirade against the'dysfunktionalen lebenstil' von geschiedenen und unverheirateten

Weingartener Holy Blood Blackboard of 1489. Image: Peter Frankenstein / Common-free

He referred to a drug dealer as Horrorstory, who has begotten after the Mirror 15 children with 6 women and another 7 with other women. The man should have tasted the taxpayers with his children more than a million pounds, a son had become a morder, three more were sentenced to prison sentences. Each cost the taxpayer 150.000 pounds. Such trap, albeit in smaller abras, can be seen throughout the country, even in wealthy residential quarters. Divorced or alone had one "Dysfunctional lifestyle", while "much too long" Uber mother who stay home and raise her children, made funny.

The criticism of the conservative aims mainly on the irresponsible manner: "The manners who produce these children have absolutely no interest in raising them, let alone pay for them. We can not afford to continue to support people who live these forms of dysfunctional life styles", He weathered on Tuesday in a pronunciation about the starting of relations in parliament. Great Britain has one of the highest divorce rates, less than 70 percent of children lived together with both parents. Decisions have been dealing with more than 40 billion pounds of follow-up costs, which is more than defense set and expenditure for development aid. Children of divorced parents were convicted by coercive and psychological problems in childhood and will be awarded to a search time or criminal. Children of single parents, usually women, were rather growing up in poverty and have relationship problems themselves. Howarth said, some were thinking that in a free society everyone should be living as he wants: "But it is amongwhere the taxpayer, who can not easily watch the bill, which is why the state can not watch." Howarth were supported by Sir Edward Leigh, another conservative deputy, which as the decay of the family as "Modern plague" designated. There is even one "Consistence of silence" On the part of the Church, the BBC, the Parliament and the Press, which demonstrates people to judge for marriage. That’s why hundreds of thousands of children needed "tragic life" to lead. Blame "Permissive society".

Others like Andrew Selous, Pauline Latham or Fiona Bruce, led to defend the marriage that they are healthy for people and lease life. Singles were rather obeic or sick. Edward Timpson, the State Secretary for children, said the children of married people are better than those of only together living couples. And overhead, stable families are the ruckgrat of a stable society.

However, the number of divorces has fallen in recent years. But that probably has to do with it that fewer couples marry and only live together. In 2012, 47.5 percent of the children of Auberehelich were born, 1988 it was only 11 percent.

Whether the government-enforced tax relief of 200 pounds of 200 pounds for marriages and the 30 million pounds for marriage advice from 2011 to 2015 make the marriage more attractive and reduce divorce rates may be doubted. But it becomes clear that conservatives continue to adhere to the liberalization of the economy and the reduction of the state, but at the same time against the liberalization of life forms, what the excited struggle is clarified against the homo marriage lately. "Marriage", How described Howarth, "For the majority of conservatives, can only be between man and woman and remains the core of a stable family. Only in this environment children have both manual and female role models for orientation and support." Even though everything else is surrendered by capitalism, the married couple of man and woman, not the individual or other partner relationships, which form the cell of society – and best the woman should stay at the stove at home and the child.

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