Time journey

Brescia, 15. May 2014 – Children have school-free, fashioned remain closed and hundreds of thousands of car margins are pivoting every year of breakfast on the historic route of the Mille Miglia across Italy. For the first time, the race takes four days, at 1708 kilometers it goes across the country with his tradition visible in the historical town cores, centuries-old tradition.

Like then an adventure

Even if the new edition of the Mille continues to go for speeds and records, thunder Mercedes Launtorer, BMW 328, Porsche 356 or Bugatti 35a with well-motivated pilots and savvy passengers through Sattgrune Landscapes and narrow local walks. On the "Mille", where motorcycle policemen make the way free on oncoming traffic for historical bolides, driving again, what’s coming soon: an adventure. The event stands for the dream, in open roadster the different fragrances of the places and regions, but also the smell of hearing Ols and burned gases in itself, for each of the participants a spectacular experience that he will not forget. Many teams come from the automakers, but the coarse part are privately prepared their race cars together with team meticulously.

Since 1977 the Mille Miglia is held as a homage to the former hardest car race as a new edition. Meanwhile, it is on the Route Brescia – Rome and back no longer to top speeds and best times. But also as a misabilizer and reliability across Italy, the race for participants and spectators has hardly lost anything from his fascination. Participate throughout vehicles, which were already at the start of the historic races between 1927 and 1957 at the start and are in the original state. Stirling Moss, Hanstein or Tazio Nuvolari, were through the Mille Miglia to Legend.

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